Secretary HUD Ben Carson makes Minneapolis 2040 housing plan

Secretary HUD Ben Carson makes Minneapolis 2040 housing plan

Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson plans the City Council to reduce the number of single family homes in an effort to increase equal access to housing.

Ms Trump's Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Carson, was in Minneapolis on Tuesday to promote the administration of housing policy successes. they have been criticized from both sides of the aisle.

But his views on Minneapolis 2040's more localized strategic plan, and his expression to the city.

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The controversial plan would mean that all zoning restrictions on all residential trees in the city would be released, allowing multiple family units to be built on plots limited to existing households.

According to the Star Tribune, Carson says that more education is needed to explain why one-family zoning is needed to support the development of “NIMBYism.”

He cited cities such as Los Angeles where there is a housing crisis, but 80 per cent of the land is zoned for one-family housing, noting. "The correlation seems very strong," he said. "The more restrictions on zoning and regulation, the higher the prices and the most homeless."

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