Secrets will eat you up & # 39; - inside the movie movie Michael Jackson Movie

MeIt only takes about two minutes in the four hour information program, Leaving Neverland, suggesting that Michael Jackson's legacy will not be the same again. After a short introduction, praising him for his indisputable talent, one of the prosecutions looks into the camera and lists the ways in which the singer helped. He then said: "And he put me sexually abused for seven years."

Since then it was announced late in the Sundance movie festival this year, there was no controversy behind it. The singer's estate claimed "to achieve a tremendous and disadvantaged effort and to make Michael Jackson cash" when a fan threatened the film director, Bafta Dan Reed's winner. Online protests began, which increased police presence, but this morning's frosty morning in Utah, only a small group of death-hard obsessives was very hard to speak.

For those who were inside the Egyptian theater in the Main Street, the resistance was not viable, it was completely impossible. For four hours, it has been shown in two parts on HBO and Channel 4, Reed shares the detailed testimonials on two men who have been accusing Jackson of general graphic and extensive general abuse when they were children. Before it began, we were told that healthcare professionals were available to those who needed them, the express reports that could have difficulties for those who could to cause them. Although court buckets may have been made in advance and that previous injuries could have been possible, it was difficult to imagine that the sensitive film was sensitively refused and easily.

In a decision that is admissible in post-filtered Q & A, Reed places the focus on both accusers and their families, making sure their stories are still powerful without unsatisfactory content. Their accounts have many similarities: they were younger than 10 when they knew Jackson, they were very interested in compliance and both were alleged to have been abused for a long period of time.

The first accuser, we heard from the outset, is Wade Robson, who has developed fierce anger for Jackson, his "plastered walls" with posters at a young age. Explain as a "delicate boy", he danced over basketball dance and was encouraging to move Jackson at the age of five in a local competition. The prize was serving the man himself and developed the two deep friends, encouraging one's own self-taught mother's mother, who had Jackson's famous bets.

Wade Robson, Dan Reed and James Safechuck.

Wade Robson, Dan Reed and James Safechuck. Photo: Taylor Jewell / Invision / AP

Jackson's second accuser, James Safechuck, has played a key role in the Pepsi ad. Similarly, the two friendships of a young age developed and about 10 he was engaged on a journey, and later a mother was so rough, who saw Jackson as another son.

Sé Séamus describing her memory of her sexual intercourse friendship with Jackson allegedly disrupted on masturbation. He saw it as a "bond" form and broke what he described as "a couple of sexual relations" when both of them left, allowing hotel rooms to be shared with a mother James did not know . The stories go up in a darker country because she would find their hotel rooms booked on a different floor, Jackson, making sure that any possible discovery was made available. James recalls that he woke up on occasion with Jackson to get saying he had sex. He told the boy that he was the first sexual experience he had in Jackson and that this is just an "acceptable way of love".

When Neverland Ranch was built, it was easier to ensure privacy. "It sounds sick but it seems when you're going on someone," explains James, having listed many spaces in the complex when Jackson is allegedly harassed by him. He asks Jackson to tell him that his mother was wise and that there were bad women, pushing away from his family and that he was longer in the life of Jackson.

Wade claims that she began to be abused at a younger age, when he was only seven. The family stayed at Neverland and after Jackson had a certain mother, he was allowed to be alone with the boy for five days. "Hello and me," said Jackson with Wade as he thought he was carrying out anal and oral activities. He also told Wade that women did not trust and warn them if anyone was to find out, they would be in jail.

Michael Jackson by James Safechuck in 1988

Michael Jackson by James Safechuck in 1988. Photo: Eugene Adebari / REX FEATURES

In one of the most cooling scenes, James recalls the two married toys, and she still has a wedding ring and shows the camera. It requires Jackson to reward him with jewelry to engage in sexual acts. "It's still hard for me to not get the fault myself," he says, dealing with his hands because he has many trinkets.

But the tendency was successful soon, as it was said that Wade, but seven, was still due to him, and James was introduced to alcohol. The two stages were made out of the life of Jackson when younger boys were introduced. "You are no longer any more," says James. Macaulay Culkin replaced Wade's Jackson music video for the Black or White song, and Wade and James dealt with feelings of jealousy and sorrow. Prior to the previous document, Culkin rejected no disability. "About me, it's so normal and pity," he said. "I know that it is great for everyone else, but it is a normal friendship."

In 1993, it was publicly accused that Jackson had sexually abused by the Jordy "Jordy" Chandler, which allowed himself to be rebuilt in the life of the two boys, who are allegedly trained on how to respond on any question. Ultimately the case was settled out of court.

"Secrets will eat you up," says James, giving details of the long-term damage to the alleged abuse. He and Wade suffered from depression, self-reliance, and anxiety and are struggling with family relationships. At one point, sharply, James adds: "I do not think this time will succeed. It gets worse worse."

Michael Jackson at the 2005 trial.

Michael Jackson at the 2005 trial. Photo: Aaron Lambert / AP

The students respond to the responsibility of parents as well as the two mothers explaining their decision-making processes. They were both scared when their students, as adults, shared their stories and both sons got difficult forgiveness. He also examines the complex reasoning for their decision to remain for these years, including Wade's look at Jackson 2004-5, when the singer was accused of Gavin Arvizo, as part of his defense.

"I would like to speak the truth so much I spoke the lie," says Wade next to the end of the film, which he will decide to do for the lost years he spent dealing with the experience alone .

After completing the movie, they raised an egg crowd on their feet to praise Wade and James, who came on stage, clearly moved to the puzzle. They soon met like the children but they have since been backed up as a way of feeling less distinct. They said, for those who could question their motivation, there was no compensation to appear in the document. "We can not change what happened to us," said Wade, who is now 36. "The feeling is what we can do with that now."

They both got death threats from Jackson fans, who are twice in Twitter with efforts to discourage the pair. "I understand it's very hard for them to believe, for any reason, not long ago, I was in the same place," said Wade. "Although it happened to me, I could not believe it. I could not believe that Michael did badly up to six years ago. So I understand. We can not take one thing and understand when we are ready , and we may not be ready. We may do it. So that is their journey. "


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