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Ph: Dr: Operation Safe Domain II: maneuvers which constitute an effective solution to maritime difficulties and threats

The “SAFE DOMAIN II” operation launched on September 11, 2023 will last 5 days. This is an operation to patrol and secure the maritime space of zone “E” which involves Togo, Nigeria and Benin. It responds, among other things, to a code of conduct relating to the prevention and repression of acts of piracy, armed robbery at sea and illicit maritime activities in economic zone “E”. These maneuvers are an effective solution to maritime difficulties and threats likely to hamper the economic development of the countries concerned.

At the launch of operations and patrols organized by the Multinational Maritime Coordination Center of ECOWAS Pilot Zone “E”, several military hierarchies and high-ranking personalities from the different participating countries were present. The Chief of Staff of the National Navy, Captain Jean Léon OLATOUNDJI, recalled the history of the maneuver and welcomed the reduction in incidents in the Gulf of Guinea achieved thanks to the systematic deployment of naval assets from the various States since the “SAFE DOMAIN I” maneuvers. For him, “SAFE DOMAIN II” further demonstrates the determination of States to form a united front in the face of threats in the maritime space of zone “E”.

It was the Chief of General Staff of the Beninese Armed Forces who carried the voice of the Minister of National Defense at this ceremony. Brigadier General Fructueux GBAGUIDI invited the units engaged in the operation to demonstrate professionalism in order to make this second edition a resounding success. He also congratulated the Multinational Maritime Coordination Center for its constant role of encouragement and coordination in strengthening maritime security and safety in Zone “E”.

Benin is represented this year by the high seas patrol vessel Penjari in these operations which end next Friday.


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