Security Council fails to adopt resolution to discuss North Korean missiles

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The UN Security Council discussed a response to North Korea’s ballistic missile launch, but ended without a separate agreement.

He did not overcome opposition from China and Russia.

Lee Yong-joo is a reporter in New York.

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The public meeting of the UN Security Council, which started at 4 am Korea time today, was canceled without any agreement as expected.

After the meeting, the nine member countries, including the United States, along with South Korea and Japan, repeatedly condemned North Korea’s provocations.

[린다 토머스-그린필드 유엔 미국 대사]

“We will not stand idly by as North Korea undermines the global non-proliferation regime and threatens the international community.”

After talking about the sanctions agreed so far, the United States said it would continue to work towards a response at the level of the Security Council as North Korea continues to go against the resolutions of the United Nations.

At the start of today’s meeting, a majority of the board criticized China and Russia for opposing the decision led by the United States.

The South Korean delegation, which was invited as a stakeholder, said that efforts to strengthen nuclear weapons were unacceptable.

[황준국 유엔 한국 대사]

“Any attempt by North Korea to acquire or justify the possible use of nuclear weapons will not be readily recognized.”

After the US repeatedly criticized China and Russia through the second comment, they also applied for additional comments, criticizing the ROK-US military exercises and engaging in an open war of words.

[겅솽 유엔 중국 부대사]

“Since the United States has made a second statement, China will also make a second statement. North Korea’s recent missile launch is closely related to a series of joint military exercises held in the region.”

As China and Russia are at a standstill with the United States, it is unlikely that a separate agreement will be reached in an additional meeting to be held soon.

This is Lee Yong-joo from MBC News from New York.

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