Security in the Eastern region: Captain Ibrahim TRAORE urges the fighting forces to change the paradigm

The President of the Transition, Head of State, Captain Ibrahim TRAORE, Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces, met this Saturday, May 27, within the 34th Combined Arms Regiment of Fada N’Gourma (RIA), all the Forces of Defense and Security (FDS) and Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland (VDP) in the Eastern region.

The Head of State hailed the commitment of all the fighting forces and called for a paradigm shift.

“We wanted to come and take the heat, see you and say hello. We know what you are going through, we know what is happening in this region and we know all the work you are doing. We also come to invite you to change dynamics, to be able to adapt better because the context has changed”, Captain Ibrahim TRAORE told all the FDS and VDP gathered in the 34th RIA square of weapons for the listen.

For the Supreme Commander of the Armies, the eastern zone is vast and complicated with forests, a relief made up of mountains in places which make the terrain difficult. This is why he invited the command to create a new mode of combat to adapt to the terrain.

“We have to create our war by changing our way of doing things, our combat strategy by integrating innovations (…). We must go beyond what we learned at school, to use our intelligence and wage war”, indicated the President of the Transition to the fighting forces.

It is a question, according to him, of developing new techniques, adapting the equipment to the terrain, getting out of beaten sites to gain the upper hand over the enemy and this must call on all the intelligence within the army, the non-commissioned member to officer.

In addition, the Head of State invited the command to properly integrate the VDPs into the system and work with them in a good atmosphere.

To support the dynamic initiated on the ground, Captain Ibrahim TRAORE reassured the fighting forces that measures are being taken in this direction. These are massive recruitments to strengthen the workforce and the acquisition of high-performance equipment to increase the operational capabilities of ground fighters and the air vector.

“We were on a route that did not allow us to change the deal or evolve in terms of equipment. Today, we no longer have any problems acquiring a certain type of equipment”, added the Head of State, for whom all these endowments, fruit of the sacrifice of the people, must be used wisely.

He informed the fighting forces that arrangements have been made for the care of war wounded, widows and orphans of combatants (FDS and VDP) fallen at the front with the creation of an agency.

“When people go into battle and they are injured, and then they are abandoned, it hurts and it does not give morale to those who are on the ground fighting,” acknowledged the Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces .

The FDS and the VDP of the Eastern region wanted, among other things, a special operation for the Eastern region, the improvement of their equipment and the management of their health.

In response, the Head of State maintained that everything is being done to restore this region to its former glory.

Communication Department of the Presidency of Faso


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