Security Scandal at Manila Airport: Officer Swallows Stolen Money to Destroy Evidence

Philippines Investigating Incident at Manila Airport

Officials Accused of Stealing Money and Destroying Evidence

Last week, an incident at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila raised concerns as a security screening officer was caught on CCTV stealing money from a passenger and subsequently destroying the evidence. The incident occurred on September 8th and involved a female officer stuffing three $100 bills into her mouth and swallowing them, while also drinking water to assist in the act.

Reports indicate that the officer targeted a Chinese passenger and stole money from their handbag during the security screening process. Fearing detection, the officer intentionally swallowed the stolen money to eliminate any evidence of the crime.

The Office of Transportation Safety (OTS) Philippines has since confirmed the incident and launched an investigation. The officers involved have been identified through the CCTV footage, and the office is currently gathering additional evidence.

It is important to note that the actions of this officer do not reflect the ethics and values upheld by all civil servants. Accordingly, the officer has been dismissed from their position. Additionally, the office has implemented preventive measures such as customizing security guard uniforms to eliminate the need for jackets or bags, which could be used to hide stolen items.

Jaime Bautista, the Secretary of Transportation in the Philippines, has instructed the Office of Transportation Security to file a lawsuit against the officer involved in the theft, as well as anyone else found to be involved in stealing money from passengers’ luggage. The ministry aims to ensure that the Ninoy Aquino Airport, along with other related agencies, remains free from criminal activity. Those found guilty will face the maximum punishment as a testament to the ministry’s commitment.

Click here to watch the CCTV footage of the incident.

Philippines investigating incident at Manila airport officials Created a scandal by stealing 300 dollars from a passenger, or about 10,000 baht, before stuffing it into his mouth and swallowing it, destroying evidence.

This incident happened at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport on September 8. From the CCTV footage, one security screening officer can be seen. who is a woman He was stuffing three $100 bills into his mouth and drinking water slowly as well.

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News reports indicate that The officer stole money from the handbag of a Chinese departing passenger. During the security screening process She swallowed the paper money on purpose. to destroy evidence for fear of being caught

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Last Monday (September 18), the Office of Transportation Safety (OTS) Philippines issued a statement saying: The office has confirmed the information and opened an investigation. After knowing about By being able to identify the officers in the CCTV footage. and is in the process of gathering additional evidence

The office also emphasizes that the incident does not reflect the ethics and values ​​of all civil servants. while preliminary That officer has been dismissed.

In addition, the office has taken various preventive measures. Additions such as customizing the uniforms of security guards so that they do not need jackets or bags.

Recently, Jaime Bautista (Jaime Bautista), Philippine Secretary of Transportation Ordered the Office of Transportation Security File a lawsuit against this official. Including those involved in stealing money from passengers’ luggage. along with allowing the maximum punishment to be imposed on those found guilty To show that the ministry is committed to making the Ninoy Aquino Airport and other related agencies, free from criminals

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