See: A 100 year old shipwreck is still cleaning up on the North Carolina coast

April 23 (UPI) – One hundred years of shipwreck remains were discovered on the beach in North Carolina, town officials said.

The Town of Surf City made photographs of the wooden remains of the ship, known as William H. Sumner, which released up to 150 miles from Barnacle Bill Quay.

The remains are usually "once or twice" a year and are protected by the state, according to the town.

The scooter dropped off from the shore of North Carolina in 1919 carrying a cargo of mockery and phosphate rock from the West Indies to New York, the North Carolina news station, WECT, reported.

Historians say that the circumstances of the accident remain a matter of confusion, as the captain was infringed and the first victim was convicted in the first instance of murder, but was suicide after acquittal.

The ship firstly departed from the Topsail Inlet off the North Carolina coast, where parts were intact.

Finally, the Coast Guard decided that the remains were a safety hazard and blew up the ship, launching the inner shell which is considered to be a beach inside Surf City beach.


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