See all the photos from Good Truckin & Diner on the Best Dunner search in Michigan

According to John Gonzalez and Amy Sherman

LANSING, MI – It's a goodin time in Lansing.

Do that in REO Town, Lansing.

Located just south of I-496 and Downtown Lansing, the REO Town is the center of the REO Motor Vehicle System, and many businesses and restaurants are now in place.

It is one of the hottest places to live in the Lansing area.

As a result, gems are hidden as Good Truckin & Diner, where an owner Nick Sinicropi Open the 22-seat thickness in November 2014.

Since then, the diner is a staple of the neighborhood, offering traditional breakfast and lunch items, as well as allowing employees to achieve additional creative combinations.

It refers to employees Nora Gorman and Sara Tobin as "The Boss," and makes his best to stay out of the creative types.

The place was packed on a busy morning on Saturday for other staff – Parios Kirby, Ainsley Scott and Eggs Ben Oliver – It looked at customers, took orders or stocked items for the grill, operated by Gorman.

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