SEE IT: Virginia man encourages the amazing meteor outside Fairfax

Steve Chazin, of Fairfax, Virginia, took a video on his camera dash about what he believes to be a wonderful meteor during his return from Washington Dulles International Airport on Tuesday afternoon.

“The big horror from #DC at 10:57 pm,” wrote Chazin on Twitter, sharing a video showing the light of the sky on the left-hand side of the road in front of him.


“It was so big that you couldn't ignore. It was difficult to stay on the road and without driving out, ”Chazin said with Fox News.

Chazin said that he holds a bachelor degree in psychology and a master's degree in electrical engineering. He said he was driving on Route 50 eastwards towards Fairfax when he and his wife saw a fireball in the sky.

“It was one of those things that you didn't know what you were looking for with so many yellow and bright flames,” said Chazin. “When he was so fast I realized he was a meteor.” T

He initially believed that he saw a “plane on fire,” until he saw a “tail” at the end of the brightness of the sky.

“From what I know about physics, a tail occurs when you hit the open atmosphere,” said Chazin. “I pulled down the window to hear a sound that hit but I realized he had to be far away from the ocean.”

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No metals were officially certified in the area at the time of sight.

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