See: Polish Cooker Luckasz who uses Narwhal Tusk on Usman Khan

See: Polish Cooker Luckasz who uses Narwhal Tusk on Usman Khan
tusk narchal luckasz


The Polish coke Luckasz with the narwhal nose.

A man called “Polish chef” named “Łuckasz” is welcoming as a hero to pull the wall at the Fish Hall in London and use it to stop the terrorist who started employing people at random. at a university event. Indeed, Luckasz is spreading a video addressing Usman Khan as well as another man who is wearing a fire extinguisher.

The video shows the heroic citizens who are cornering the work on the street. Peter Sweden, a journalist, shared the video on Twitter and wrote, “A Polish man attacking the London truck terrorists who had a narrow pit. Someone brings a suit for this weapon already giving a smile. Poland does not mess around. Luckasz is his name. Share this brave act! The history will never forget this man. ”

Police previously identified the Bridge attacker in London – who killed two and injured three – as Khan, a 28-year-old man who had a terrorist conviction. Another video showed that the police had been policeing him when he attacked the citizen in 29 November, 2019. He was attending a university prison rehabilitation conference when the thrust began. Jack Merritt was the first victim to work on prisoner rehabilitation issues.

The City Police wrote in a statement, “We are now in a position to confirm the identity of the suspect as Usman Khan, who is 28 years of age (10.03.1991).”

The Times of London recognized the hero with the narwhal tusk as “Luckasz,” a Polish immigrant who helps to set up events in the hall.

“Academics were completing workshops on storytelling and creative writing when a guest at the conference met prisoners on rehabilitating two large kitchen knives,” The Times said. That's when Luckasz and other citizens came into action.

Luckasz stopped in the process, according to The Times, who cited a colleague as he said, “Stopping him was not stopping him beating him. Luckasz is a hero. ”

What does the story mean? According to Ocean Conservancy, they are “widely recognized for their unique prizes,” so the noun is “unicorns of the sea”.

This is what you need to know:

The Heroism made by the chef after the five foot feet were removed from the wall by Go to Khan

Amy Coop wrote on Twitter: “A man who was at the Fishguard Hall took 5 (narwhal) from the wall and went out to face the attacker. You can see it standing above the man (with the appearance of a white pole) in the video. We wanted to help victims inside but that man is #LondonBridge's hero. ”

Another woman replied, “These guys are amazing. They were just random people who took over to defend the rest of us. Rather than focus on who we do, we can look up to those who have great respect for their heroes actions. I hope they get the recognition they deserve. ”

Coop replied, “The reason I knew what was there was that there wasn't 10 minutes before I chatted with someone in the building. Two were located on both sides of a door. ”

Fill people up Twitter with comments about Luckasz, with one man writing, “And the truth that Luckasz saw chef at a hall of fish with knives around him looking at the wall tapping and talking”, he'll do that " genius #LondonBridgeAttack. ”

In another graphic video, the time the police put around and then shot the suspect, who was on the ground, was mentioned as one of the spectators walked with a knife. Be aware that these videos affect you because they are taking the shooting. There is also graphic language.

There are five victims, two fatally injured. “Tragically, two people – a man and a woman – were killed during the attack. Three others – a man and two women – were injured and remain in hospital, ”wrote Met police. Victims were not identified.

According to Mirror, many heroic citizens came into action, with one man inside the Fish Fishermen's Hall, where the attack took place, hitting a “five-foot five-foot tile” from the wall to the ward of Khan. The Daily Mail recognized that it was a man as a cook named Luckasz.

video attacking London bridges

Twitter / @ HLOBlogLondon London's video shows a man who had the suspect (left) and the police shooting the suspect (right).

The Telegraph reported that the suspect had a previous terrorist conviction and was “tagged” and linked to “Islamic terrorist groups.” T

Met police insisted that Khan's criminal history, which was written in a statement, “was known to the authorities of this person, after his conviction in 2012 for terrorist offenses. He was released from prison in December 2018 for a license and clearly, is now a key inquiry to find out how he came to make this attack. ”

The Guardian reported that the suspect was convicted as part of the “Stock Exchange 2010 plot”.

Nine men pleaded guilty to the incident in 2012. An article in 2012 in BBC reported that Khan was among the nine men arrested in 2010 and “trying to bomb the London Stock Exchange and build a terrorist training camp.” Three men, including the BBC described Khan, as “all members of a terror group inspired by al-Qaeda” who received “insecure sentences on public protection in Woolwich Crown Court in London.” t

BBC said, “The court heard that they planned to raise funds for a terrorist camp in Pakistan and recruit Britons to serve them.” Khan was 20 years old and got at least eight years in prison. The story called the suspects “British nationals of Bangladeshi and Pakistani origin” and “Islamic fundamental”.

Telegraph reported on the stock exchange plot at the time that some suspects had plotted to place a pipe bomb in the London Stock Exchange letters and a handwritten target list found by (at a different suspect) listing the names and addresses of Mayors. London Boris Johnson, Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral, two rabbis and an American Embassy in London. ”

During the London attack, CNN reported that the suspect was “wearing two knives, having a duct tape on his hand” and a witness said that he had tried to “stamp the other knife from his slim.” That witness also said he had seen The suspect “Running away from five men is being run down with a fire extinguisher.” t

City Policing Commissioner Cressida Dick said in a statement: “I am very sad and angry that terrorism is once more focused on our city. It is with the heaviest heart that I have to tell you now, as well as the suspects killed by police, that two of those injured in this attack in the London Bridge area lost their lives tragically. "

She said: “My heart goes out to my relatives and the other three victims of injury that I understand are being treated in the hospital, and of course to everyone who was affected by the terrible and incurable events of today.” T

According to Dick, “The attack started at Fishmonger Hall in the City of London. My understanding is that the police were called at 13: 58 and the City of London police officers were facing the suspect by 14: 03 o'clock, only five minutes later. ”

London Bridge's terror attack left injured multiple victims, the Metropolitan Police confirmed in London, England on 29 November 2019.

Assistant Commissioner for Specialist Operations Neil Basu wrote in a statement: “I can confirm that police were called at 2pm today, Friday, 29 November, to a saw at a premises near London Bridge, EC1. The emergency services, including officials from London City Police and the City Police attended. ”

Guy Lawrence told the Sun that he had seen the man, with two knives, running out of Fishmonger Hall, and that citizens were turning to him with a stick and a fire extinguisher.

2. Police Show Videos Ripping the Person with suspects & Fame Heroes Fly With Scian t

One of the videos that emerged on Twitter shows a close view of the warrior warrior who was running the knife after he had expelled the suspect.

Share @HLOBlog video on Twitter and write, “Please wait for #LondonBridge! I just saw a man shooting a knife in the head at the police. Please be careful London! ”This video was viewed over 500,000 times on Twitter. “He has a knife,” people say in the video.

The account shared by the video, @HLBlog, defines itself as “A travel blog by Yaya & Lloyd.” The man who wrote the account wrote that he personally took the video, “I'm safe. I took this video which was me who saw this before me. 😢 ”

Another video, which you see above, shows a closer view. The HLOBlog video can be viewed with the next fact.

One man shared a photo of the warrior warrior on Twitter and wrote, “This man was walking behind us on the other side of London Bridge when the attack began. He ran through traffic and jumped the central partition to cope with the attacker with several others. We ran away but it seems to have disarmed him. Amazing grace. ”

According to The Guardian, the suspect had previously traveled to "tribal areas (Fata) which were administered federally in Pakistan and planned to fund, build and take up a terrorist training camp in Kashmir, d." In order to carry out future acts of terrorism. ”

Neil Basu, the UK's counter-terrorist police commander, said in a press conference: “I can confirm that the device put in the body of the suspect is a false device.” T

You can read the full Basu statement here.

Dick stressed that: “the empty ideology does not suffer the terror but hates and today I urge everyone to refuse. We are a great city because we accept each other's differences. We must still emerge stronger from this tragedy. In doing so we will ensure that the small number of people who want to share it do not succeed. "

Met Police said the suspect attended an event called “Learning Together” when the attack took place.

“The circumstances, as we understand them at present, are that the attacker attended an earlier event on Friday afternoon in Fishmonger Hall called Together Learning Together’. We believe that the attack started inside before he went out of the building and went on to London Bridge, where he was detained and later by armed officers. The Daily Mail reported that it was a “University of Cambridge conference on prisoner rehabilitation”.

Telegraph reported that the event “brings people together in criminal and higher education institutions” and “Khan was invited to share his experience as a former prisoner.” T

One witness told the Daily Mail: “The man on top of it said [the attacker] who were imprisoned for terrorism, it seems. Some of the people who were on top of it were ex-prisoners and all were in the Head Fish Hall. The man told me that he was imprisoned with the attacker. ”


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