Home News Seeing with my eyes, Phi Saded reveals the Naga Rim Khong fireballs. appear before your eyes There is also a small pond.

Seeing with my eyes, Phi Saded reveals the Naga Rim Khong fireballs. appear before your eyes There is also a small pond.

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After seeing with his own eyes, Phi Saded revealed an astonishing experience. Naga Fireballs Rim Khong appear before your eyes There is also a small pond. I don’t believe someone made it

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Famous luk thung singer for life P Saded open up to live news entertainment online about the belief in Naga fireballs on the end of Buddhist Lent I saw with my own eyes a real fireball emerged from the Mekong River. It is an amazing natural phenomenon. and also seen appearing in a small pond backstage concert

The view of the belief in the Naga fireballs? “Let’s talk about it from my point of view because the matter of belief is up to the individual. It’s a personal belief Personally, I think that everything is possible when it comes to beliefs, whether you believe in the Naga or whatever it is, it’s just a matter of belief. We will not interfere with each other’s beliefs.”

What was your experience of seeing Naga fireballs along the Mekong River? “Actually, I doubt it. I went to see it for over 20 years now, and sat and watched with the villagers on the end of Buddhist Lent. It was a festival where everyone sat by the Mekong and it was amazing with the people. I saw fireballs rising from the surface of the water. It’s actually more of it. It was a magical fireball, an amazing phenomenon as well. and really my experience It’s not related to the place to sit and watch along the Mekong with the villagers. Well, there were two times that I went to play concerts there. That day, the musicians team didn’t have time to go to see because the car was very congested. Everyone had to prepare to go on stage and about two kilometers away from the Mekong River. Everyone raised their hands to their heads. Everyone has to pay respect to the teacher before going on stage. Will there be merit? Let’s see the fireball. Do you believe that before going on stage The fireball went up in the incense forest as a small well, there were four. It was a miraculous phenomenon that happened, the fireball rose higher behind the stage. And the villagers in front of the stage where we couldn’t see the people because there was something blocking the stage with the people. Everyone was happy with the fireball. which it doesn’t just happen in the Mekong River I saw it happen behind the stage at the incense forest at a small pond. Everyone saw each other. So I don’t doubt

And once again, there will be two rainy seasons, I don’t know how many years it will converge. Twice the Buddhist Lent is on the Thai side and the Lao side of Buddhist Lent. That year I went back there to look at the Mekong River with the people and it didn’t go up. up but we don’t see Then the next day, we went to eat by the Mekong River in a small resort. a small restaurant a riverside shop In the evening, we said that Eight-two of the Buddhist Lent on the Lao side, but we are on the Thai side. Let’s ask if we’ll have a chance to see it this year. Ten minutes later, a fireball rose about 3 meters from the front, three fireballs came up, we felt it existed. At that time, the sky was still dim. It wasn’t dark yet, so I could see it right there. It was the answer in our minds that it was a phenomenal fireball that we didn’t have video footage of. We just didn’t think it would happen. But those who agree have friends. brothers and sisters sitting there together.”

Do you believe that Naga fireballs are a real natural phenomenon? “I think it exists. But what fireball will be, we don’t know. But why does it have to happen only on the end of Buddhist Lent?”

from the people complaining that the gun was fired into the air from the other side Or someone sees that someone has made a fireball. To be a selling point for tourism during the end of Buddhist Lent? “In my personal view, I’ve never seen a shooter. But the person who said that he saw someone shooting a gun might go and see it, I don’t know. but in my faith I can see with my own eyes how it rises from the surface. it doesn’t have a boat The water was in front of us and it sprang up there. Who’s going to shoot a gun over there? it just can’t say As for the people who will put up a gun, it may be true, but the gun is a gun. A fireball is a fireball. It’s already the same. The fireball has no sound It just popped up into a reddish-pink like an opalescent just popping up. It’s a round fireball, but if it’s a fireball or a built-in fire or a gun, it has a tail of fire. But as far as I can see, it doesn’t have a tail. no spark It’s just a light that pops up before your eyes, shouldn’t be more than 3-10 meters. It’s near it, along the Mekong, looking down and coming up.”

Do you think it’s impossible for people under water to make their own lights? “No, if I took what I saw, no one would dare go down. because the Mekong is deep As for who will prove it, if you look at it like that, I’ve never seen it and I don’t know where to refer. But as far as the experience has seen It is a light that rises from the surface of the water.”

The belief in the Naga fireballs of the Buddhists from their studies and practice? “Naga fireballs I’ve heard for over 20 years, the old people around that area I’ve talked to. He already believed it was some kind of fire rising from the Mekong River. If really according to the Tipitaka I believe in Buddha In the Buddha, there is Phaya Muthalin who came to spread the canopy so that the Buddha wouldn’t be left with nothing to have anything to his body for 7 days and 7 nights that he prayed. It actually exists in the Tripitaka. And then there is a true story that the serpent cannot ordain. He promised that he would preserve Buddhism until he had the opportunity to be born as a human. Because the person who can be ordained is the realm of human beings who can be ordained. Everyone wants to be born as a human to be ordained. If we believe in the Buddha The serpent is not a distant thing that we can believe. because it is in the Tripitaka

As for Naga Fireballs, Naga Fireballs that if you ask the villagers around that area along the Mekong Not just Phon Phisai District Whether it’s Rattanawapi or someone who is deeply at home not on the edge of the Mekong He saw this light from the fields or from many ponds that he told them about. He believed that on the day of the end of Buddhist Lent, it was the fire that the serpent lit up to worship the Lord Buddha. According to the Tipitaka, there was once when the Lord Buddha went to heaven to please his mother. then he came down The three worlds were opened to come and salute you, it was the same thing. Lent with what the villagers, old people, old people told each other, they believed that The Naga lights a fire to celebrate the Lord Buddha.”

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