Sega, “Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei Liberation” will present the official broadcast “5th Anniversary Devil Appearance Special” from 20:00 on December 30 (Friday)! |gamebiz

Sega will release the official broadcast “5th Anniversary Devil Appearance Special”, which will present the latest information about “Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei Liberation (hereafter referred to as “D2 Megaten”)” on December 30 , 2022 (Friday) is presented from 20:00.

This time, we will present a lot of information about the new devil that will appear to commemorate 5 years since the service, as well as information about the end of the year and New Year luxury campaigns.

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Overview of D2 Megaten’s Official Broadcast “5th Anniversary Special Appearance of Devil”
Delivery date and time: December 30, 2022 (Friday) from 20:00

Yuko Kawanishi (MC)
Dogma Kazami (Guesthouse)
Iwasaki (Director of Megaten D2)


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