SEGA is holding the 10th “Escape from Crystal Ruins” event where you can get luxurious prizes in “Shin Chronicle” | gamebiz

Sega has started the 10th event “Escape from the crystal ruins” where you can get luxurious prizes from February 24 (Friday) with “Shin Chronicle”. In addition, we hold an “Elite Gacha” where “Elite” members useful for capturing events and world tiers appear.

■Luxury items available!The “Escape from the Crystal Ruins” event will be held.

Period: 24 February, 2023 (Friday) to March 9 (Thursday) 23:59

“Escape from Crystal Ruins” is an event that tries to escape from the dungeon within the time limit. In addition to getting luxury rewards for clearing each dungeon and event mission rewards, collecting “Magic Crystal Shards” obtained from dungeon exploration and battles can be exchanged for luxury items.

[Amodau Cyfranogiad Digwyddiad]
The surface layer of the 1st world layer Chapter 13 is clear
The Last Chapter of the 3rd Middle Level Realm
The Last Chapter of the 4th Profound Realm

This event is for parties that have played the main story and have grown to a certain level.

・ Recommended party
Face layer: Lv15 or above Recommended strength: 10233
Middle tier: Lv100 or above Recommended power: 36965
Depth: Lv150 Recommended Strength: 53361

[gwobr digwyddiad]
In addition to daily missions where you can get 100 “free games”, you can get luxurious rewards such as clear rewards for each dungeon and event mission rewards. In addition, “Magic Crystal Pieces” can be exchanged for items in the exchange.

▼ First clear prize
have a conditional charge
Surface/first center clear greenstone x100
First time Gannett white coat clearance depth x 1,[cynnydd statws]defense +50

▼ Event mission reward
If you complete the event mission, you can get various rewards such as “Sword of Kingslayer Galahad’s Star”, “Free Gem”, “Red Stone”, and “Suiseki”.

▼ Exchange
Collected “Magic Crystal Fragments” can be exchanged for various items such as “King Killing Sword Star Galahad”, “Sinful Bolton Muscle”, “Free Gem”, “Red Stone”, and Monolith in the exchange.

Also, according to the clear time, MY BEST RECORD of each dungeon will be listed. As rewards for achieving S rank for the first time, you can get “Suiseki” x 100 and “Jade Feather” x 50 in the surface and middle layers, and “Red Stone” x 10 and “Jade Feather” x 50 in the depth layer .

■ A member of high power appears! “Elite Gacha” is taking place

Period: February 24, 2023 (Friday) to March 10, 2023 (Friday) 10:59

In the “Escape from the Crystal Ruins” event that will be held from today, we are holding an “Elite Gacha” where two special characters will appear. In this “Elite Gacha”, ★3 goals are guaranteed with 10 paid games!

Even if 3 ★ characters other than the main character are duplicated, you can get 15 “Sadame Stardust”.

In addition, if you draw a gacha with paid or free “10 draws”, you can get 10 “pub stamps” that can be exchanged for featured characters by collecting a certain number, and you can get a “skip ticket” every time. you remove a paid popa.

[Cymeriad dan sylw “Elite gacha”]

■ Three special event ghosts appear! A “Spirit Gacha Event” was held.

Period: February 24, 2023 (Friday) to March 10, 2023 (Friday) 10:59

In the “Escape from the Crystal Ruins” event starting today, we will hold a “Spirit Gacha Event” featuring ★ 3 spirits “Mastilo, Ink Painting Spirit” that have special effects for the event. “Mastiro’s Ink Painting Spirit” will increase speed by 1 level and increase stamina by a certain amount when 1 or more are arranged.
Depending on the number of formations and the number of limit developments, you can get bonus magic crystal pieces when clearing the floor.

If you draw the gacha with the paid/free “10 draws”, you can get 10 “pub stamps” which can be exchanged for eyeball spirits by collecting a certain number.

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