Sega’s “Sonic Origins Plus”, which adds playable characters and Game Gear versions to “Sonic Origins”, will be released on June 23! |gamebiz

Sega has added new elements such as new playable characters and 12 Game Gear titles to the fast-paced 2D action “Sonic Origins”, which powers the initial four times that became the “origins” of the “Sonic” series Added the content of the downloadable (DLC) “Plus Content Pack” and “Sonic Origins Plus”, a set of 2 types of DLC, will be released on June 23rd.

Also, for those who already have “Sonic Origins”, “Sonic Origins: Expansion Pack”, which is a set of 3 types of DLC including “Plus Content Pack”, will be released on the same day.

“Sonic Origins Plus” will be released as a package/download version on PlayStation5/PlayStation4/Nintendo Switch and a download version on Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/PC (Steam Steam/Epic Games Store).


■ Introducing additional elements of “Sonic Origins”!

“Sonic Origins” is a digital version of “Sonic the Hedgehog”, “Sonic CD”, “Sonic the Hedgehog 2”, “Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles”, which became the “origins” of the “Sonic” series. title that has been remastered and added many new elements. You can get a powerful game experience that supports big screen play while keeping the dot expression intact.


[Mae’r cymeriad chwaraeadwy hir-ddisgwyliedig “Emmy” yn ymddangos!]

In response to enthusiastic requests from fans, a lively and bright hedgehog girl “Emmy” will appear as a playable character. Enjoy a slightly different adventure with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.

[Mae Knuckles bellach yn chwarae ar Sonic CD!]

In “Sonic Origins Plus”, even one of the recorded titles “Sonic CD” can play games with Knuckles. In addition, as a new play, a new path will be added to some stages of “Sonic CD”.

[Ychwanegwyd 12 o deitlau fersiwn Game Gear!]

“Origin” titles that were not included in “Sonic Origins”, such as the Game Gear version of “Sonic & Tails” and “Tails Adventure”, will be newly added. In the Game Gear version of “Sonic the Hedgehog”, you can enjoy different stages and songs from the Mega Drive version recorded in “Sonic Origins”. In addition, 2P battles are also possible in “Sonic Drift”, “Sonic Drift 2”, and “Mean Bean Machine Doctor Eggman”.

▼ Additional titles (all Game Gear versions)
·Sonic the hedgehog
・Sonic the Hedgehog 2
・ Sonic and Tails
・ Sonic and Tails 2
・ Sonic Drift
・Sonic Drift 2
・ Sonic Spin Ball
・ Legends Adventure
・ Sonic Labyrinth
・G Sonic
・ Dr. Mean Bean Machine. Eggman
・ Tails Sky Patrol
In addition, we have made various improvements based on user feedback, such as modifying operating behavior and improving specifications.


■ “Sonic Origins Plus” pack version comes with original benefits!

The pack version of “Sonic Origins Plus” includes an original art book and a Mega Drive-style reversible jacket in addition to the main story. In addition, as an early purchase privilege, a “special entry-type rubber coaster” will be introduced. Also, if you read the two-dimensional code attached to this product, you can enjoy a BGM collection of this work.

Sonic Origins Plus (package version)

A full version that includes the main game and DLC, as well as the benefits of the packaged version.

Recorded content
【Product content】
・ Main game (“Sonic Origins”)
・DLC “Sonic Origins: Expansion Pack” (set of “Plus Content Pack”, “Classic Music Pack” and “Premium Fun Pack”) download code
・ Original art book
・ Mega Drive style reversible jacket
[Braint prynu cynnar]
・ Special record type rubber coaster
(You can also enjoy the BGM collection by reading the two-dimensional code)
*An internet connection is required to download the “Sonic Origins: Expansion Pack” DLC.
Price[treth yn gynwysedig]
4389 yen


Sonic Origins Plus (download version)

Full version of the main story and DLC set.

Recorded content
・ Main game (“Sonic Origins”)
・DLC “Plus Content Pack”
・DLC “Classical Music Pack”
・DLC “Premium Fan Pack”
Price[treth yn gynwysedig]
4389 yen
* After June 23, 2023, the release date of “Sonic Origins Plus”, the price of “Sonic Origins” will be reduced to 3289 yen (tax included). In addition, single item sales of “Classic Music Pack” and “Premium Fun Pack” will be suspended.