Seibu and Mitsunari Takahashi renewed at 110 million yen, exceeding the dais. Will Afro challenge next season? “Actually my father is …” | Full-Count

11 wins, the most of my own “I’m not satisfied at all”

Seibu’s pitcher Mitsunari Takahashi, who will serve as the opening pitcher this season and will be appointed as the player’s chairman from next season, will face negotiations for contract renewal at the baseball team office in Saitama and Tokorozawa City on the 3rd, and the annual salary will increase by 43 million yen. Signed for 110 million yen. (Amount is estimated)

“The team was evaluated even in the bottom. (From GM Hisanobu Watanabe of the team) I asked him to aim for even higher. I feel that way, and I’m not satisfied at all.” .. On the other hand, his aspiration to become chairman of the player was modest, saying, “I’m sorry, I’m honestly still … I’ll do my best to speak properly in public.”

This season, his seventh year as a professional, he was nominated as the opening pitcher for the first time, and in the opening game on March 26, he won the opening game with Orix in the 7th inning with 2/3 and 3 runs. He scored 11 wins (9 losses), the highest number of his own this season. On the other hand, after winning five straight wins without any damage from the opening, he suffered three consecutive losses in June and four consecutive losses at the end of the season, and the wave of ups and downs was fierce. The ERA of 3.78 was 13th out of 14 players who cleared the prescribed number of throws in the Pacific League.

“It’s good to win more and more, and it’s better to have a lower ERA, but I think it’s the most important starting lineup to keep the rotation for a year without injury.” However, it is a regret that I finished a complete game for the first time in 3 years, and I set a goal, “With my current skill, I will exceed 140 balls to complete a game. I want to make it possible to complete a game with energy saving.” rice field.

This season, as a result of carrying Gen, “I will not cut my hair until the black star is attached” from the opening, it became a hot topic as long hair that attracted attention. He had already said “I want to make Afro” for next season, and nodded on this day as well, “In fact, my father was Afro. Maybe that influence has come out.” For fans, it seems that the fun will increase with the pitching that has increased the sense of stability.

(Hirohisa Miyawaki)



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