Seibu announces the uniform numbers of five new coaches Tetsuya Utsumi is “97” and Masato Kumayo is “84” | Full Account

3rd Army defensive coach Yuji Onizaki carries “94”

Seibu announced uniform numbers of five new coaches on the 2nd. Tetsuya Utsumi, who retired from active duty at the end of this season and became a farm pitcher coach, became “97”, and Masato Kumashiro, who also retired and became the army’s second base running and defense coach, became “84” .

Yuta Arakawa, 3rd Army battery coach and bullpen catcher, carries “98”, Hiroyuki Oshima, farm hitting coach, “88”, and Yuji Onizaki, 3rd Army defense coach, “94”.

Seibu appointed Kazuo Matsui as the new manager. With the support of head coach Yosuke Hiraishi, their aim is to win the league title for the first time since 2019.

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