Seibu Yamada Haruka deletes all Instagram posts Woman reports “slander” trouble with Sosuke Genda and Misa Again: J-CAST News[Testun llawn]

Professional baseball player Haruka Yamada (25) of the Saitama Seibu Lions has deleted all photos and videos posted on Instagram by September 21, 2022. As for Yamada, it was reported that his wife slandered Misa Eto (29 ) of Motonogizaka46, the wife of his colleague Sosuke Genda (29).

  • Deleted Yamada’s Instagram post

  • Deleted Yamada's Instagram post

She posted a photo of her interacting with her child

Yamada joined Seibu from Saga Technical High School in the 5th place in the 2014 draft. Characterized by the use and lively play that protects the entire playing field, he participated in 98 games last year, the most of to a career. He has made 74 appearances so far this season. In 2019, he married a non-celebrity woman who was 6 years older than him.

Yamada’s Instagram posted photos and videos of himself interacting with his child, but all posts were deleted by the evening of September 21.

On the 21st, Bunshun Online reported that Eto, his colleague Genda’s wife, was slandered by Yamada’s wife on SNS. In response to the report, Genda posted on Instagram on the 21st, referring to the details of the damage, and explained, “I have consulted with the team that I do not want the player to take a baseball.” In addition, he called on supporters, “I would appreciate it if you would consider not criticizing or slandering the other party’s family.”

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