Seibu’s strongest right arm “Imarom” appears shockingly “Complete copy” is “an imitation entertainer who throws 159 kg” | Full Account

Tatsuya Imai Seibu set the pen in a form that looked just like deGrom

Seibu Tatsuya Imai’s pitching form has become a hot topic because he looks exactly like Jacob deGrom (Rangers), who is famous as the strongest right-hander in the major leagues. In the spring camp held in Nango, Nichinan City, Miyazaki, he entered the bullpen with the new jersey number “48” of this season. “Seibu got DeGrom when did it happen?” said a voice.

Hold the glove close to your mouth and lift your left leg to push forward. Speaking of Imai, there was a time when he was pitching in similar form to pitchers Shohei Ohtani and Yu Darvish. This year, the uniform number was changed from “11” to “48” in the form of taking over from pitcher Shota Takekuma, who retired from active play until 2022, but strangely enough, the uniform number is the same as DeGrom.

The official YouTube “Persol Pa League TV” has released a video of the whole story of throwing uniform number “48” which is still unfamiliar and throwing in a form that looks exactly like de Grom. Fans have said, “Imarom”, “Master of throwing a copy”, “He is a very skilled player”, and “I am very impressed when I see the quality of the ball”.

[Fideo gwirioneddol]Only “complete copy” pitching… “Imarom” looks just like the strongest right arm

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