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Seiko Hashimoto, “Big body” police officer Husband and a large family of 6 children … The couple’s dream is “working together and modest” | Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

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Pick up chestnuts in the fire. Seiko Hashimoto (56), who will succeed Yoshiro Mori (83) and become the “Chairman of the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympics,” would have been required to be prepared for that. However, looking back on her life, her life was like a sasafune released into the river, both past and present.

“From now on, all decisions regarding the Olympics will depend on” Chairman Hashimoto. “No matter what decision you make, whether it will be implemented or not, it will inevitably be criticized by the public. Probably “(Nagatacho official)

On February 18, Mr. Hashimoto was appointed as the chairman of the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, replacing Mr. Mori, who was forced to resign due to his “female disdain” remarks. And this inauguration is not only a “poor lottery” but also a big “fire”. It is a “sexual harassment problem” that has been reported overseas.

After the closing ceremony of the 2014 Sochi Olympics, the team leader (at that time), Mr. Hashimoto, is said to have been drunk and hugged by figure skating boy Daisuke Takahashi (34) and forced him to kiss. One Tokyo Metropolitan Government official said:

“When Mr. Hashimoto consulted with the IOC that he was likely to become the new chairman of the Organizing Committee, it seems that the reaction was not very good, probably because of the surface of the sexual harassment problem.”

Mr. Hashimoto, who played in the Olympics four times in winter and three times in summer during his active career and was called “Superwoman”, said, “There is a weakness of being drunk by alcohol. That is also the case with Takahashi. I think, “says a political official.

On the other hand, Ryoichi Kasuga, a former JOC international business counselor who has participated in the Olympics many times as an officer of the team headquarters and has a close relationship with Mr. Hashimoto, said, “At the Sochi Olympics, she led the team and succeeded. I think I was uplifted by that. I’m a very serious person, and I don’t think the IOC is a problem. “

It is also true that there was no suitable chairman other than Mr. Hashimoto.

“Mr. Hashimoto can also communicate directly with IOC Chairman Thomas Bach (67) by e-mail. Based on the intention of Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga (72) that” young women are good, “Mori will rejuvenate nearly 30 years old. A white arrow stood.

However, Mr. Hashimoto said, “I want to decline if possible” until the last minute. It is said that it is “embarrassing for children” to get rid of the sexual harassment problem. “(Political Department Desk)

Mr. Hashimoto has a husband who is nine years older and six children. Mr. Kasuga mentioned above said, “When I got married in 1998, I attended the reception, but her husband is a big person both vertically and horizontally (laughs). As expected, he also serves as the SP of the Minister of State. I’m a police officer. ” The husband was remarried and had three children.

“After getting married, she gave birth to three people. They gave their children” Seika (Torch), “” Girisha, “and” Torino, “and named them all after the Olympics. “(Sports newspaper reporter)


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