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Seiko Rukia has released two new models with kaleidoscope motif designs. In this work, a white mother-of-pearl patterned dial is treated with indexes of various shapes to express the global view of a kaleidoscope. Both movements have solar radio waves and will be sold in a limited edition of 1000 pieces.

A mother-of-pearl patterned white dial has an index of various shapes, creating a kaleidoscope-like view of the world. From the kaleidoscope, which can never encounter the same pattern twice, the idea of ​​”I want you to cherish every irreplaceable moment” is included.
(Left) Seiko Lucia SSVW204
Solar radio quartz (Cal.1B22). Tee (diameter 25.5mm, thickness 8mm). 10 ATM water resistant. Limited to 1000 worldwide. 71,500 yen (tax included).
(Right) Seiko Lucia SSQV110
Solar radio quartz (Cal.1B35). Tee (diameter 28mm, thickness 7.6mm). 10 ATM water resistant. Limited to 1000 worldwide. 99,000 yen (tax included).

Two new works that capture the heart with the brilliance of a moment stuck in the dial

When you were a child, everyone was probably fascinated by the world that unfolds in a kaleidoscope. A kaleidoscope that creates patterns by enclosing objects of different types and colors and reflecting them on a mirror. The pattern is completely different from moment to moment, and the possibility of having the same pattern twice is almost zero. Seiko has announced two wristwatches that express such a fast yet beautiful worldview.

The “SSVW204”, where the case and bracelet flow together, looks like an accessory. The pink gold color brings a soft look.

The first is the “SSQV110”, which has a two-tone silver and champagne gold colored case and an elegant Roman numeral index. The case and bracelet are partly made of champagne gold-plated titanium, which is light and difficult to cause metal allergies. Because it has a platinum diamond shield, it also has excellent scratch resistance and white shining aesthetics.

The dial, which has a kaleidoscope-like pattern, uses white mother-of-pearl shells, and some of the indices are set with lab-grown diamonds. Equipped with solar radio wave movement, it supports 25 time zones with world time function.

Delicate patterns and various indices that decorate them are the characteristics of this work. “SSQV110” (left) has four lab-grown diamonds that add a delicate sparkle, while “SSVW204” (right) has two Arabic numeral indexes and a colorful crystal glass that gives a beautiful impression. “SSQV110” has a world time function that allows you to easily adjust the time difference.

The second “SSVW204” is a model with a two-tone case of silver color and pink gold color and a dial with Arabic numeral indices giving a soft impression. The case and bracelet are made of stainless steel with partial rose gold plating. This also has a platinum diamond shield like the “SSQV110”.

The kaleidoscope pattern dial is made of white mother of pearl. There are five crystal glasses set in the index. Since it has solar radio wave movement, it is also attractive that there is no need to adjust time, adjust date, and replace batteries regularly.

The two models announced this time are housed in a limited box designed by kaleidoscope artist Ayaka Kobayashi with the image of “time to carve with Rukia”.


Both models are limited to 1000 pieces and will be released on Friday, October 7, 2022.

Contact details: Seiko Watch Customer Service Tel.0120-061-012

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