Seismic Activity Intensifies near Izu Oshima: Volcanic Earthquake Alerts Raised

Yesterday, on Monday, the 2nd, a series of earthquakes struck near Izu Oshima, occurring consecutively at 9:31pm and 9:57pm. These earthquakes had a maximum seismic intensity of 1 and were followed by sporadic smaller tremors.

Moving on to today, the 3rd, a moderate earthquake measuring approximately 2.5 in magnitude and with a depth of about 10 km, shook the region around 12:43pm. Izu Oshima Town in Tokyo and Higashi Izu Town in Shizuoka Prefecture experienced a seismic intensity of 1. This recent seismic activity further suggests a connection to the volcanic movements taking place on Izu Oshima. As we recall, two felt earthquakes were documented on September 23rd, last month.

The waters surrounding Izu Oshima frequently encounter such seismic disturbances. On June 19 of this year alone, one earthquake registering a seismic intensity of 2, alongside seven quakes at a lesser intensity of 1, were reported. In fact, historical data reveals that heightened earthquake events tend to be more prevalent during the months of April and December in 2021.

It is crucial to note that an upsurge in earthquakes does not necessarily indicate an impending volcanic eruption. However, it is possible for tremors ranging from magnitude 3 to 4 to occur during periods of increased seismic activity. Consequently, it is imperative to exercise caution and remain vigilant amidst frequent earthquake occurrences, particularly due to the potential for intense shaking.

Though Izu Oshima has remained dormant since 1990, it must be acknowledged that it is an active volcano. Thus, it is advisable to regularly stay updated with pertinent information regarding volcanic activities.

For further details and comprehensive information on volcanoes, please refer to the “Weather News Information about Volcanoes” section. Additionally, the “Earthquake Information List” can provide you with the latest updates on seismic events.
Yesterday, on the 2nd (Monday), at 9:31pm and 9:57pm, earthquakes with a maximum seismic intensity of 1 occurred one after the other with their epicenters near Izu Oshima, and small earthquakes have continued to occur intermittently since then.

Today, the 3rd (Tuesday), an earthquake estimated to have a magnitude of 2.5 and a depth of about 10 km occurred at about 12:43, and a seismic intensity of 1 was observed in Izu Oshima Town, Tokyo and Higashi Izu Town, Shizuoka Prefecture. There were also two felt earthquakes on September 23rd last month. Based on the active area and depth, it appears to be a volcanic earthquake associated with volcanic activity on Izu Oshima.

Such seismic activity occurs frequently in the waters near Izu Oshima. On June 19 this year, one earthquake with a seismic intensity of 2 and seven with an intensity of 1 were observed, and in 2021, earthquakes will occur frequently in April and December.

An increase in earthquakes does not immediately lead to eruptive activity. However, earthquakes with tremors of magnitude 3 to 4 can occur, so you should be careful of strong shaking during periods when earthquakes occur frequently.

Although Izu Oshima has not erupted since 1990, it is an active volcano, so be sure to check the information regularly.
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