Seismic waves captured from ‘explosion’ during dam collapse… Ukraine “Russian wiretapping to test operation”

The Guardian reported on the 9th local time that seismic waves produced by the explosion were detected during the collapse of the Kahouka Dam in Russian-occupied Ukraine.

According to reports, the Norwegian Seismological Institute said that an observatory in Romania detected seismic waves at 2:54 am on the 6th.

The laboratory analyzed the seismic wave and concluded that it was caused by an explosion.

Meanwhile, there have been claims in Russia that the dam was destroyed by a missile fired by the Ukraine or that the dam collapsed on its own due to accumulated damage, but the detection of this seismic wave has ruled out the collapse theory natural.

Ukraine, on the other hand, claims that Russia blew up the dam structure from the inside to delay a counterattack.

While explosives experts argue that the dam will be much easier to blow up from the inside than it is from a distance, the evidence is mounting.

Ukraine’s State Security Agency released a 1-minute and 30-second audio file on its Telegram channel, claiming to have intercepted Russian communications that prove the Kahouka dam explosion was the work of Russia.

The security service said, “Through this wiretapping, it was confirmed that the Kahouka Dam was blown up by damage from the occupying forces.”

Meanwhile, intelligence agencies such as the United States and the United Kingdom maintain the position that they do not yet know who is responsible.


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