Seiya Suzuki’s “Mouth Chuck” is captivated by US fans. “Human charm was shown” by the secret gesture of the transfer destination | Full-Count

Hiroshima / Seiya Suzuki[Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

“The Athletic” Baggery reporter “His reaction did not require an interpreter.”

It seems that Seiya Suzuki, an outfielder from Hiroshima who is aiming for a major league challenge using the posting system, is already captivated by American fans. Fans also praised the “playful appearance” that he showed when he answered the exclusive interview with the US media, saying that he was “humanly attractive” and “I’m crazy about him.”

“He showed a lot of human appeal in our exclusive interview, but the team I was in the final selection,” said Andrew Baggary, a reporter for The Athletic, a US sports media outlet, on his Twitter account. His reaction when trying to hear more did not require an interpreter, “he said.

Makoto Suzuki, who was asked about the transfer team, has a unique photo that “chucks his mouth” with both hands. Since the Hiroshima era, he has shown a playful appearance and pleased the fans, but for this, American fans also “ask Phillies” “Padres!” “I really wanted Jaze to win” “He is my Many love calls arrived, saying, “I’m a new best friend” and “Suzuki should be my top priority.”



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