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“Sek Sakon” hit back “Arunee” criticizes “Prime Minister” for fixing oil prices, ridiculing the distorted news until being fined “party spokesman”

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On November 21, 21, Mr. Seksakon Atthawong, Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister, addressed the case of Ms. Arunee Kasayanon, Deputy Secretary-General of the Pheu Thai Party. Criticized to solve the problem of expensive oil that although Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha is the prime minister from the military but has developed and solved many problems for the country including solving problems for the government of Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra from the Pheu Thai Party who, even being a civilian, has never done anything for the nation at all They only do it for themselves, their brothers and sisters, and Ms. Arunee states that the soldiers will come to help those people. Reflecting the fact that we can’t take the military to run the country and according to the 2017 Constitution, the military has 4 duties, confirming that the military has already performed its duties according to the constitution. At the same time, if the country is in trouble, the military is still willing to come out and help the people. and do it to the fullest

“Not like Narrow-minded opposition MPs be a representative of the people people choose to enter Still don’t care about the hardships of the people. not going out to help will also come out to blame the Prime Minister, the government or military agencies that have to come out to help people willingly without thinking otherwise which if Ms. Arunee Thinking like this, it’s like narrow-mindedness doesn’t care about people’s troubles at all.”

Mr. Sek Sakon also said that while solving the oil price problem, she asked Ms. Arunee not to only look at the price of diesel fuel, which was 1 baht cheaper than the government of Prime Minister Prayut, but asked to look at the price of gasoline in the government era. Looks almost 50 baht, why not say that it is more expensive than the price in this government or not? Because in the government of Yingluck, people make careers. Others are suffering many times more than this era. Why don’t people in the Pheu Thai party come out and shout like Miss Arunee now?

“It’s because Miss Arunee doesn’t stand on the facts. Get the right information to say When the news is sloppy and distorted all the time. has been fined from the spokesperson The more they come out to press conferences, the more the party’s downfall. Until I had to find a new spokesperson to replace Ms. Arunee, people in the Pheu Thai Party really said that or not, I don’t know,” said Mr. Seksakon.

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