Select arrivals from Korea only… China resumes PCR testing

It appears to be an additional retaliatory measure following the extension of the ban on short-term visas for Chinese nationals.

The Chinese government decided to reintroduce the genetic amplification test (PCR) for those arriving overseas, which was abolished along with quarantine measures on the 8th, only for flights leaving Korea. It appears to be an additional retaliatory measure following the extension of the Korean government’s suspension of short-term visa issuance.

The Korean Embassy in China announced on the 31st that the Chinese government has notified all passengers on direct flights from Korea to China from February 1st that they will be required to undergo a PCR test upon entering the country.

The Chinese government said travelers leaving Korea will be quarantined at home or accommodation if they test positive upon arrival, but did not explain detailed policies such as the quarantine period, location and cost. The embassy said they are currently working out the details of the post-entry inspection, and will make additional announcements as soon as the details are confirmed.

So far, it is understood that the mandatory PCR test upon arrival for overseas arrivals is only for flights leaving Korea. On the 8th, the Chinese government reopened the border with the relaxation of quarantine measures, removing entry regulations such as PCR tests and quarantine guidelines upon arrival of foreigners. Currently, only PCR tests are carried out within 48 hours before boarding the flight. However, after about 20 days, the inspection was revived after the new arrivals from Korea.

Chinese authorities did not give a detailed explanation of the background of this measure, but since the Korean government decided to extend the suspension of short-term visa issuance to Chinese nationals scheduled for the end of January until February, it can only be understood in this way. kind of equivalent or retaliatory measure, none.

Previously, the government made PCR tests mandatory before and after boarding the plane for new arrivals from China in early January, citing the spread of Corona 19 in China, and stopped issuing short-term visas to Chinese. China also stopped issuing short-term visas to Koreans from the 10th as a countermeasure.

An official from the Korean Embassy in China said, “We received a plan from the Chinese government to make PCR testing mandatory upon entry and announced it through the embassy’s website.” he said.

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