Selected 7 stocks with unpaid dividends Reduce political risks – foreign countries TISCO yields as high as 8%

Asia Plus Securities Company Limited stated in the analysis that a Week before the election, the stock was still moving well by 1.83%, close to the previous record of 1.87% 3% (the previous average was up to 3.8%), now it has been almost for two weeks (15 – 25 May ’23). ), although there is some recovery But still fell 1.7% and the flow of foreign funds flows out of the Thai stock market every day, accumulating up to 19 billion baht.

The lack of sleep during the political transition also has many risk or uncertainty factors that were overwhelming. Also, there are many external factors to worry about. One of the investment strategies that meet the needs during this period is “Highest Dividend Stock” Reflected from the last 1 month, the SETHD index increased by 0.68% outperforming other indices. Most of them will be negative.

Therefore, the research department Screening basic stocks and outstanding dividend payment By passing the following conditions: 1. It is a stock that expects a dividend of more than 5% per year (higher than SETHD) 2. The price shrinking this year, with the profit from the beginning of 2023 to the present less than 0 and 3. It is a Fundamentals stock where Upside is more than 10% open as follows


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