Selected as 21 candidate sites for rapid private redevelopment by ‘Sehun Oh’


21 candidate sites for the ‘Rapid Integrated Planning’, a private redevelopment project promoted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, were selected.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government said that through this project, 25,000 households could be supplied quickly.

Correspondent Lee Jun-sam.


The ‘Rapid Integrated Planning’ is a plan for redevelopment and reconstruction in Seoul designed to speed up housing supply after Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon took office.

The main goal is to significantly simplify the maintenance business process and shorten the period required for redevelopment designation from five years to two years.

A total of 102 applications have been applied for this project so far, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government has selected 21 of them as final candidates.

<김성보 / 서울시 주택정책실장> “The last designation date (redevelopment of Seoul) was June 2014, and there has been no new zone designation since 2015.”

The final candidate sites included four urban regeneration areas, including the 2nd district of Cheongpa, Yongsan-gu, the A area of ​​Gongdeok-dong, Mapo-gu, and the 23rd area of ​​Changsin-dong, Jongno.

Except for Gangnam and Gwangjin and Jung-gu, which were evaluated as having low business feasibility, one in every autonomous district was selected.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government predicts that 25,000 housing units will be supplied after the district designation is carried out sequentially from 2023 and the maintenance project is completed.

Measures to prevent speculation have also been introduced.

<김성보 / 서울시 주택정책실장> “We plan to restrict building permits and designate additional land transaction permit zones in parallel.”

Although Seoul’s rapid housing supply policy is focused on stabilizing housing prices that have been on the rise, there are also concerns that an influx of investment demand due to expectations for redevelopment, etc. could act as another uneasiness.

This is Yonhap News TV Lee Jun-sam.

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