Selected as an excellent institution for waterworks public enterprise management evaluation by Suncheon City and Ministry of Public Administration and Security

Suncheon City was selected as an excellent institution in the waterworks public enterprise evaluation sector of the ‘2023 Local Public Enterprise Management Evaluation’ hosted by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security.

According to the city on the 5th, the annual local public enterprise management evaluation is conducted for 279 local public corporations nationwide to enhance their efficiency and financial soundness.

The water supply and sewerage sector is evaluated every other year, and this year, the waterworks sector was evaluated.

▲ A view of Suncheon City Hall ⓒ Suncheon City

The 2023 evaluation reflected the new government’s public institution innovation direction and evaluated management performance in the waterworks sector for 18 indicators in two areas: business management and business performance.

Depending on the performance of 18 indicators, grades from ‘A’ to ‘E’ were determined, and Suncheon City was selected as an excellent institution by receiving a grade of ‘B’ among 113 public water supply institutions in basic local governments nationwide.

The city improves resident acceptance by promoting the production of webtoons related to rate hikes, improves citizen convenience through KakaoTalk notification and payment of water service charges, and manages innovation such as ordinance revision to promote local win-win development, such as easing economic burdens on socially disadvantaged households and model businesses. It scored better than other regions in the steady rise in water supply rate.

Choi Kwang-soo, head of the Clean Water Administration Division, said, “We will continue to do our best to operate a first-class water management city and a public enterprise that is impressed and trusted by citizens through continuous promotion such as charging and collecting customized waterworks rates that citizens can sympathize with, replacing old waterworks pipes, and expanding infrastructure.” .

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