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Selected as one of the 100 best national R&D achievements in 2021 by the Ministry of Science and ICT

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The Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Planning and Evaluation selected and announced the ‘2021 National Research and Development Excellence Top 100’.

The Top 100 for Excellence has been selected every year since 2006 to raise the public’s understanding and interest in the role of science and technology that has driven national development and to inspire the pride of scientists and engineers.

This year, out of about 70,000 R&D projects (as of 2020) conducted by government-funded ministries, a total of 852 candidate outcomes recommended by each ministry, department, and agency were selected. After the quality excellence was evaluated by the Excellence Performance Selection and Evaluation Committee composed of experts, the final 100 cases of excellence were selected through public verification.

In addition, a total of 12 outstanding achievements were selected among the top 100 outstanding performances, which showed technological excellence and economic and social ripple effects as a result of government’s major policies and strategies and intensive investment in R&D.

The achievement of tissue regeneration and cancer-generating mechanism through the development of ‘Assembloid’, which was selected as the best performance in the life and marine field, was an assembled mini-artificial organ through cell reorganization for the first time in the world. By constructing organs, it opened a new drug development system that will bring innovation to the development of patient-specific disease treatments to overcome various intractable diseases.

The best ‘brain-computer interface technology for controlling daily life and walking aids by just thinking (Rae-Hyun Kim, Korea Institute of Science and Technology)’ is the world’s first high-performance brain that converges augmented reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. – With computer interface (BCI) technology, it is expected to lead the future digital environment such as medical rehabilitation, health care, national defense, education, and expanded virtual world (metaverse) and contribute to providing national growth engines.

In particular, in order to increase the perception of excellence created by the national R&D project, an online voting process in which the general public directly participates in the selection process for ‘R&D performance that solves social problems’ (about 3,000 people participate) was conducted added

The mass production of vehicular radar detectors for autonomous driving level 2/3 functions (Hyungjin Kang, Mando (Mobility Solutions)), which was most selected by the general public as the achievement of resolving social problems, was a vehicle radar, a key sensor for autonomous driving, and a tunnel There was a public consensus on the effect of improving traffic safety, such as the detection function.

‘Identification of the mechanism by which PCSK9 degrades LDL-Receptor: Establishment of a new therapeutic drug development platform for metabolic syndrome (Hyosu Kim, Seoul National University Hospital)’, which was selected as a chronic disease resolution performance, was the world’s first It was agreed that the decomposition mechanism was found and presented a new direction for the development of dyslipidemia therapeutics.

The achievements selected as the top 100 this time are awarded with a certificate and a signboard from the Minister of Science and ICT, and additional points are awarded in project and institutional evaluations according to related regulations. , Prime Minister’s Citation, etc.) are highly recommended as candidates.

In particular, from this year, an e-book (a collection of 100 cases of excellence in national research and development in ’21) will be produced and provided free of charge through major online bookstores so that the general public can more easily access the main contents of each of the top 100 research achievements.

Lee Kyung-soo, head of the Science and Technology Innovation Division of the Ministry of Science and ICT, said, “We plan to continuously expand the national R&D budget so that science and technology can become the center of solving social problems in Korea and opening the future. We will do our best to communicate.”


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