Selenskyj accuses UN of failure: “They are not there”

After the dam in Kherson burst, the suffering in the region is immeasurable. President Zelenskyj calls for more help.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has accused the United Nations and the Red Cross of failing after the dam collapse in Ukraine. “They are not there,” said Selenskyj in an interview with “Welt”, “Bild” and “Politico”. The UN and the Red Cross should be there first to save lives. There were no answers to inquiries from Ukraine. “I’m shocked,” said the President.

If there was a reaction, it was very diplomatic. Selenskyj also raised serious allegations against the behavior of Russian soldiers after the dam burst in the areas they occupied in the Cherson region. “If our forces try to get people out, the occupiers will shoot at them from afar.”

The dam broke on Tuesday morning, and the water masses released flooded large areas in the south of the country. Kiev and the West accused Russian occupying forces of having blown up the dam they controlled. The aim is to stop the expected Ukrainian counter-offensive. Moscow, on the other hand, blamed Kiev for the disaster.

Zelenskyj: No involvement in Nord Stream attack

Selenskyj is now aiming for an international investigation into the dam breach. When Ukraine regains control of the dam, it will invite international experts to investigate the incident, he said. In his view, Russia’s responsibility for the disaster had been proven. “It happened in an occupied territory.”

He pointed out a year ago that the dam was being mined and that there was a high risk of it being blown up. The break could not have been brought about by shelling, said Zelenskyj. He assumes that Russia underestimated his action. “They didn’t think that they would also flood their occupied territories.”

Zelenskyy denied in the conversation that his country was involved in the attack on the Nord Stream pipeline. “I am President and I give orders accordingly. Ukraine has done nothing of the sort. I would never act like that.” He demanded that evidence be presented: “If our military is said to have done this, then show us evidence,” Zelenskyj said.


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