Sell ​​and cry! Handicapped uncle, lottery dealer big girl tricked into making love Stole a hundred thousand-lottery 400 tickets, left 35 baht

Sell ​​and cry! Handicapped uncle, lottery dealer big girl tricked into making love Stole a hundred thousand-lottery 400 leaves, left only 35 baht in the account with 13 lottery tickets. People took pity.

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On December 9, 64 reporters met Mr. Lao Lu (reserving his last name), 65 years old, who is handicapped on the right side. Has a career as a lottery dealer Crying while selling the remaining 13 lottery tickets at the edge of the footpath. Warorot Market Area, Mueang District, Chiang Mai Province, behind a granddaughter from Chiang Dao District Called to ask about the suffering Upon hearing the news of Uncle Lao Lu A 50-year-old girl deceived her to love before she ran away from 400 lottery tickets, 130,000 baht in cash, leaving only 35.30 baht in her bank account.

From talking to Uncle Lao Lu, he said that he had been selling lotteries in Warorot Market for many years. by renting a room for 3,000 baht per month about two months ago She met a 50-year-old woman who came to be a customer and made a point to buy lottery tickets to sell as well. At first, the team bought 10-20 cards at a time, which they sold to them. After a while, I continued to buy. until they are close to each other until they have trust Therefore, they have been in a relationship with each other only twice before having a deep relationship. In which the said big girl has brought 400 lottery tickets for her uncle on November 1, 64, claiming that he will sell them out of pity for his disability.

In addition, it was later learned that the young woman had looked at the password in a banking application that was written on a notebook placed on the bedside table. went in to take the money out of his account for a total of 130,000 baht, leaving only 35 baht of balance left to look at before escaping The story was heartbreaking. and didn’t think it would happen to oneself. As for the fact that the young woman claims to be his wife is not true. Because they have only been in a relationship for 1 month. In the past, he always talked with big girls about if they were really dating. All that savings will be given if one dies. But at the moment it cannot be given because it has to be kept for selling the lotteries first. but had encountered such an event before As for the money that the big girls took, it was a small amount of savings that they had collected since the start of the lottery.

In the past, he had tried to call the aforementioned woman. but unable to contact So he asked for help from a friend who sells lotteries together to help lead the person who is crippled in the right hemisphere using crutches to go into his daily journal as evidence that Chiang Mai City Police Station On the afternoon of 8 Dec. He wants that big girl to return the money and the lottery. and will not prosecute which after reporting the police had called a big girl Said to bring the money back to him within December 17th. If not returned to the police, there will be legal action.

On the other hand, Nang La Yin, 43, a Myanmar national, a lottery seller who brought her uncle to report her, said that He had known Uncle for a long time. Lottery sales in the same area So I asked that uncle sells good lottery tickets. few leaves left Because usually uncle will sell big lottery panels.
This draw sells well, but why does it make a sad face? Uncle told me that he was deceived by a big girl, both lottery and money. Therefore, he decided to take his uncle to report him because he felt pity for him. always alone However, ask uncle to get his money back quickly. Today, uncle has only 40 baht left, 13 lottery tickets, which must be sold. When sold out, the proceeds will be used to buy lotteries in the market to resell.

As a result, the vendors in the Warorot Market who heard the news took pity on the uncle. and condemned the big girl who dared to do it with uncle As for the big girl claiming to be her uncle’s wife, the seller in Warorot Market They all confirmed with the same voice that Uncle Lao Lu definitely didn’t have a wife. Uncle has been alone for a long time. Make a living and support yourself alone, never causing trouble for anyone. If there was a wife, everyone must have seen and helped uncle sell the lottery.

As for Uncle Lao Lu, two years ago, he was deceived by a young lady in Warorot Market and borrowed two hundred thousand baht. By claiming to be used to release loans and to provide high interest rates before taking this money away But uncle can not file a complaint because there is no evidence. and brought cash to the said seller until being deceived again


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