‘Sen. Kittisak’ confirms 2 million%, he does not choose ‘Pitha’ as Prime Minister, afraid that the country will catch fire

‘Sen. Kittisak’ confirms 2 million%, does not choose ‘Pitha’ as Prime Minister, fearing that the country is on fire Lap has someone behind it, must’take the firewood out of the fire’

On 1 June, Mr Kittisak Ratanawaraha, a member of the Senedd (Senator) spoke in one of the programmes. “News Talk Off Screen” by Sorayuth Suthassanajinda gave an interview on the issue of establishing a national government which, in his opinion, The national government is impossible, however, 2 million% of their own personalities do not elect Phitha is Prime Minister and believes that most parliamentarians think their own way.

Mr. Kittisak said that he thinks that Mr. Pita Limcharoenrat, a far-reaching party leader, has different behaviors if he becomes Prime Minister, the country will be on fire Whether it is related to institutions, amnesty, international relations.

At the moment, the current loyalty of the nation, religion, king very willing to go to Bangkok because he saw that the country is going to have a serious conflict And it will lead to the shedding of Thai people’s blood together, which is “Thais kill Thais”

Therefore, politicians should not be careless. because he did not want these things to happen Old rolls of films may return to be shown. Wait, May 22, 2014, they will return again, and they do not want that to happen.

because they know the real trend not social media because he went to the area to meet the people who every time they go to the work area for the public See people saying, “You don’t need to have AS”

However, listening to the trend, most parliamentarians saw that if the party moves further, there will be huge conflicts among the Thai people, so we thought we would take firewood out of the fire so that it wouldn’t be n spread and Thai people were killing each other. and a pity that some politicians could carry the mat and the pillow to live abroad again

“Khun Pita, the Kao Klai Party and those behind the scenes (America) because they saw that Khun Pita and the Kao Klai Party entered the embassy and when they came out, they formed a mob. interfering with politics and speeding up The Electoral Commission announcing some results The public, who didn’t come on TV like me, saw it, recognized it, and knew it.”

Does it affect international relations? who came out to say this Mr Kittisak said and vice versa that Mr. Phitha near the American Embassy Don’t you think that China and the Middle East are also uncomfortable? Our foreign policy is already good, neutral, likes everyone.

If you can’t go far to form a government And the Thai Pheu Party formed its own government, it saw that the country would be able to move forward temporarily.


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