“Senakit Westgate – Bang Bua Thong” creates a new clubhouse for residents

Sena Hankyu Hanshin Create a new club house in“Senakit Westgate – Bang Bua Thong” Project Ready to open for home service for the first time See you at the Open House Party on June 24. See the real room, real atmosphere, win 1 baht gold*, enter proceed to open Phase 2, aiming for meeting demand in Bang Bua Thong area, easy installments, only 4,100 baht / month * with a starting price of only 956,000 baht, less than a million, you can own it

Professor Dr Kessara Thanyalakphak Managing Director SENA Development Public Company Limited He revealed that the Senakitt Affordable Segment condo brand, the starting price of less than a million, has been well received in the past. Able to close sales and have the right to retain the right to hit the target for each project. especially in Bang Bua Thong area “Senakit Westgate – Bang Bua Thong” low-rise condominium has a large number of interested customers. After the construction work has been completed and the customers have already transferred to Phase 1, the company is currently proceeding to open Phase 2 “Senakit Westgate – Bang Bua Thong” immediately.

Why start your life with “Kit” Because Sena understands the needs of our customers.

All projects of Sena, especially Senakit, the company understands customers who want to have their own residence but have a low budget, afraid that they cannot pay back because of the economic situation that many people are worried about buying large assets and spending time • in long term installments Condo Senakitt Westgate – Bang Bua Thong joins the GHB campaign. A million houses with a salary of 15,000 baht can apply for a loan with a low interest rate of 3% for 5 years, installments cheaper than renting and owning only 4,100 baht */month.

Why start your life with “Kit” Because here Sena Kit has thought of everything.

Senakit Westgate Condo – Bang Bua Thong (Phase 2) Low Rise Condo, 5 floors, 6 buildings, total 474 units, divided into 1 bedroom, living area 25 square meters and 2 bedrooms, living area 38 square meters, well – symmetrical room layout The first zone is a living room that combines the area with the dining table. The window zone is a bedroom separated from the living room by a sliding door. On the other side will be the bathroom. The food preparation area is next to the room’s balcony. Importantly, buy the project here. don’t buy furniture because the condo is designed to be fully furnished Carry one bag and drag it in.

Start your life, why do you have to be “Kit”? Complete common fields. Club available

Condominiums that get more than you think at the sub-million price level Considered worth it for a good quality of life. Within the project there are utilities to support the residents. With various facilities, a relaxation area in the club area, a swimming pool, a fitness centre, a collaboration area, and a lift to facilitate each building.

Why start your life with “Kit” It is convenient to travel, close to workplaces and complete facilities. In the past, the Bang Bua Thong area had to be accepted as one of the more convenient travel routes. People travel in and out of the city easily, main roads and many secondary routes. including transport development Completing public transport links and the Purple Line (Tao Poon – Khlong Bang Phai), while the surrounding area is surrounded by sources of work, various shops, and places to visit to meet all manner of live shopping centres, educational institutions, hospitals which are colorful, making people who live in this area complete and ready to support the expansion of the city and the housing market Which is gradually launching more single houses – twin houses , townhouses – townhouses, condominiums, quite a variety to choose from according to budget and income.

Experience living and achieve all perfection See you at the Open House Party on June 24. See the real room, real atmosphere, brand new club. along with a special promotion on the day of the event, with a chance to win gold worth 1 baht* Come and start a good life at “Sena Kitt Westgate – Bang Bua Thong”, a condo suitable for people looking for a place to live or someone looking for an investment to rent in the future Condo that meets all the needs of everyone. More details can be found at Or you can inquire at the Call Centre: 1775 press 25. For those interested in other projects, brand Senakit or other Sena projects and its affiliates, click here.


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