Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer “Debt Limit Agreement, Senate Fast Track”

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[휴스턴=뉴스핌] Reporter Koh In-won = Before the Senate vote on the federal government’s debt ceiling agreement, Democratic Party leader Chuck Schumer announced on the 1st (local time) that he would introduce the bill as a “fast track” bill.

Representative Chuck Schumer promised to do his best to pass the bill quickly, saying, “The Senate will continue to work until the bill (passes the Senate) goes to the president to avoid a default.”

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Passing a US Congress bill usually requires a majority of 60 or more votes in the Senate. However, if 100 senators agree to the bill with a ‘unanimous vote’, it is possible to process the bill quickly without delay.

The Senedd began working on practical work as soon as the ‘Financial Policy Act 2023’, which would delay the federal government’s debt ceiling for two years until 2025, was passed from the House the day before.

The measure is expected to pass smoothly in the Senedd, where the Democratic Party holds the majority, but some legislators oppose some parts of the bill, which could be an unexpected variable.

This is because some senators, including Mike Lee (Republican, Utah), Rand Paul (Republican, Kentucky), and Tim Kaine (Democratic Party, Virginia), have demanded amendments to some of the content of the agreement and announced that they would propose improvements.

If the amended bill is passed in the Senate, it will have to go through a House vote again. Considering the weekend schedule, if the bill goes to the House again, it is almost impossible to pass the bill before June 5, which the US Treasury has mentioned as the default deadline.

In this regard, House Representative Schumer said in an interview with reporters that day, “We cannot send anything back to the House, and this will only increase the risk of default.”

To this end, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is known to be persuading these lawmakers to cooperate with Fast Track in exchange for a separate vote on the amendment.

Representative McConnell said that if the debt ceiling agreement passes the Senate and is signed by President Joe Biden, “anxiety in the United States and global markets will also subside.”

On the other hand, with Chuck Schumer’s comment that the fast track will be followed, the expectation that the debt ceiling agreement will pass the Senate before the 5th is growing, and the major indices of the New York Stock Exchange are rising all at once. Day.


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