Senior Vice Chairman Kim Seong-joo “The Democratic Party will start building a medical care and nursing system”: Shinbo Welfare

[Newyddion Lles]”The Democratic Party will actively build a system that connects medical care, nursing and care, with the goal of a complete regional medical system that is patient-centered.”

On the 1st, Kim Seong-joo, senior vice chairman of the Democratic Party, emphasized the importance of nursing law once again at a policy coordination meeting.

Rep. Kim said, “The rejection of the Nursing Act not only ignored the serious appeal of nurses to allow them to work with patients for a long time, but also betrayed the expectations of many patients with mobility difficulties who expect better medical and nursing care. services in and out of hospital.” he noted

He then criticized, “Those with vested interests in the medical profession who introduced a nursing assistant and even introduced a medical technician in order to obstruct the Nursing Act, causing a conflict between jobs, got nothing.”

In particular, the Democratic Party claimed that the effort to enact the Nursing Act was to relieve the pain of patients outside the hospital, the elderly at home and the disabled. I will,” he said.

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