Sensational revelations of the terrorist arrested by CTD

Karachi: The terrorist arrested by CTD made sensational revelations during investigation.

According to the details, the investigation of the terrorist arrested by CTD has been completed, in which important revelations have been revealed, the investigation report of the terrorist of the banned organization has been obtained by ARY News.

The terrorist arrested in the investigation confessed to sabotage in Karachi and Sindh and said that he was in contact with hidden terrorists abroad.

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The accused disclosed that he was given the task of an attack in Karachi, he was asked to carry out the blast and to give a huge amount of money in return, which he supported and was involved in incidents in various districts including Shikarpur, Larkana, Jacobabad and the accused used explosives in Karachi Sadar in the year 2020. He also admitted to parking a loaded bike.



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