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Launch of the day of reflection

About fifty members of the Association of African Communication Professionals (APAC) Togo section, met this Thursday in Lomé to reflect on the leadership of women in communication in the digital age.

This day is part of the extension of the celebration of the International Women’s Rights Day and has made it possible to sensitize women on the need to seize the opportunities offered by the Internet for their capacity building.

According to Franck Missité (who represented the Minister of Communication and the Media), IT tools are essential today for women in the media. He urged communication professionals to make APAC an exemplary think tank to work on behavior change.

“Our meeting aims to unite all women in the public and private media, to raise their awareness of access to the digital world, knowledge of IT, the search for perfection in the work related to the evolution of new information and communication technologies, so that they assert themselves more and deserve to occupy a good place in the decision-making sphere”, underlined Délali Ayivor (President APAC-Togo).

The day was marked by a presentation on the theme of leadership, a concept clarified by Ms. Claire Quenum (coordinator of the NGO Floraison).

“The leadership of the woman is an innate leadership because she is educated to manage a family, which already constitutes the first community. But the fact is that society would not want to see women at the forefront. And that is why we must work to strengthen women’s leadership, so that they participate fully in public life, social life and political life. In this way, we can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals), she said.

It should be noted that APAC, a professional organization present in 16 French-speaking African countries, was created in 1986. It was born from the desire of professional women in the media to make their status known and to work to promote the entry of other women in the profession. The Togolese branch was set up in 1986. FIN

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