Seo Dong-joo, the recent situation of regaining laughter after the death of his father ‘I’m getting better with Sinabro’ |

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[스포츠한국 조은애 기자]

Broadcaster Seo Dong-joo reported on the current situation after his father’s death.

On the 30th, Seo Dong-ju posted on his SNS, “I’m doing well”, revealing the current situation after returning to everyday life after his father’s death.

She said, “I’m getting better as I read books, write diaries, travel, work, and stay busy,” and “Thank you for worrying and comforting me.”

In the photo released together, Seo Dong-ju is sitting on the sofa and having a relaxing time, smiling brightly.

Seo Dong-ju’s father, comedian Seo Se-won, died on the 20th of last month in a hospital in Cambodia at the age of 67.

Seo Dong-ju left for Cambodia and discussed the funeral with other bereaved families.

After that, he attended the funeral ceremony at Asan Hospital funeral hall in Seoul as a resident and saw off his father on his last way.

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