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Seo Hoon “Considering repatriation of Afghans who helped Korea”… Ministry of Foreign Affairs “Promotion with allies” (Comprehensive 2nd Report)

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picture explanationDirector of the National Security Office, Suh Hoon

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National Security Office Director Seo Hoon said on the 23rd that he was considering the issue of repatriating a local person who helped South Korea in Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also confirmed that it was in discussions with allies on measures related to the transfer of Afghans who supported the South Korean government’s activities.

Director Seo attended a plenary meeting of the National Assembly Steering Committee on the same day and said, “The problem of locals in Afghanistan who helped us in the field is urgent. As the government came into power, I felt a threat to my life,” he said.

He said, “As for us, we have a national awareness and responsibility to secure a safe haven for them,” he said.

Regarding foreign media reports that the U.S. government is considering a plan to temporarily hold Afghan refugees at U.S. bases including South Korea, Seo said, “The final arrangement is that depending on geographic conditions and convenience, the U.S. will deploy U.S. military aircraft in the Middle East or Europe. It’s about using paper,” he said.

“At dawn, President Joe Biden gave a speech, and there was such a mention there,” he said. ” explained.

Regarding the issue of accepting refugees in Afghanistan, he said, “It is a matter that needs to be carefully considered in the future,” he said.

Director Seo said, “Currently, there are about 400 Afghans residing in Korea. The problem is, among them, those who cannot extend their stay. The Ministry of Justice will review whether legal action is possible from a humanitarian standpoint.”

In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a text message sent to the reporters on the afternoon of the same day, “We have reviewed the issues of local employees and their families who supported our government activities in Afghanistan, including repatriation to Korea.” is being discussed,” he said.

Earlier, Foreign Minister Chung Eui-yong also said at the National Assembly Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee on the same day, “The government has provided a significant amount of aid over the past 20 years and has carried out general hospitals and other projects.” said

He added, “There are people who want these people to relocate to Korea. The government is also thinking about how to safely move these people to Korea.”


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