“Seo Hoon’s sole determination” ‥ “Hiding the murder of the UN speech ceremony”

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The prosecution was transferred to the trial of the head of the National Security Bureau, Suh Hoon, who was at the top of the security line at the time of the West Sea official shooting in 2020.

The prosecutors tentatively concluded that Seo made the complete decision to cover up the fact that he had been shot without reporting to the president in order to avoid responsibility.

This is reporter Na Se-woong.

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On September 22, 2020, at 5 pm, it was reported to the Blue House that Lee Dae-joon, an official of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, had been found in northern waters.

However, Seo Hoon, the former head of the White House National Security Office, left work around 7:30pm, and held a ministerial meeting again at 1am after Lee died.

The prosecutors concluded that “Chief Seo on his own decided to cover up the fact that Mr. Lee was murdered in order to avoid responsibility,” and transferred him to trial.

Earlier, in the 138-page arrest warrant, the reasons were divided into three categories.

It is said that there was an unreasonable purpose to avoid responsibility for not rescuing, to avoid criticism of President Moon Jae-in’s taped speech at the United Nations General Assembly scheduled for the next day, and to avoid public criticism of the regime’s reconciliation policy towards the North . Korea.

At around 8:00 in the morning, Seo convened a meeting of the secretaries of the White House Security Office and issued a “security” order.

Its purpose is to erase the knowledge of killing and burning.

Some secretaries objected, saying, “The facts must be published,” but they were ignored.

In the end, ‘security education’, that is, data deletion instructions, was delivered to NIS staff through the secretary and administrator of the National Security Office.

Afterwards, when the fact of Lee’s murder became known through media reports, the prosecution’s opinion is that former Chief Seo decided to drive him to North Korea voluntarily.

The former head of the Coast Guard, Kim Hong-hee, was also accused of hiding the facts according to Seo’s policy and announcing that the deceased had voluntarily stepped into North Korea.

Chief Seo’s position is that “there was no reason to hide him or drive him to North Korea.”

In particular, he claimed, “I don’t remember giving security guidelines at the secretary meeting,” and “even if so, it was to prevent the leaking of sensitive information, not to cover up the incident.”

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