Seo In-young Faces Rumors Surrounding Her Husband Amidst Divorce Speculations

Rumors Surrounding Seo In-young’s Husband Emerge

By Money Today Reporter Cha Yu-chae | October 4, 2023 | 06:30

“I have no intention of getting divorced,” says Seo In-young, the singer from the group Jewelry, amidst swirling rumors surrounding her recent divorce. While her husband, Mr. A, has been falsely linked to the entertainment show ‘I am SOLO’, these claims have been debunked.

Seo In-young, a member of the popular group Jewelry, has found herself entangled in rumors once again, this time concerning her estranged husband. Recent online buzz alleges that her husband is a contestant on the ENA and SBS PLUS show ‘I am SOLO’. However, this speculation has been proven false, as confirmed by multiple sources.

Seo In-young tied the knot with her older businessman husband back in February. However, after just seven months of marriage, whispers of separation surfaced, culminating in her husband’s divorce filing last month. In response to these reports, Seo In-young addressed the media, expressing her surprise at the graphic details of the divorce suit being widely covered. She clarified that while she acknowledges differences in personality, she never directly discussed the legal aspects of the case. Furthermore, she vehemently denied any plans for divorce, emphasizing her commitment to salvaging the relationship.

This recent turn of events further adds to the turbulent times surrounding Seo In-young’s personal life. As the public eagerly follows this saga, the truth remains elusive, leaving fans and netizens curious about the future of the couple’s relationship.

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Money Today Reporter Cha Yu-chae | 2023.10.04 06:30

Seo In-young, singer from the group Jewelry / Photo = Seo In-young on Instagram captures Seo In-young, singer from the group Jewelry, who was said to be divorced recently, is now embroiled in rumors related to her husband.

Recently, a post claiming that Seo In-young’s husband, Mr. A, is a contestant on ENA and SBS PLUS entertainment show ‘I am SOLO’ has spread, mainly on YouTube and online communities.

The YouTuber who claimed this also mentioned a specific person among the cast of ‘I’m Solo’, but this is known not to be true.

Seo In-young married her husband, an older businessman, last February. However, on the 19th of last month, seven months after marriage, rumors arose about Seo In-young’s divorce. Seo In-young’s husband filed a divorce suit.

However, in relation to this, Seo In-young told a media outlet, “I have no intention of getting divorced,” and added, “I am very embarrassed to read the details of the divorce lawsuit in an article. I recently heard from my husband that there is a difference in personality, but I have never discussed the legal case directly in this way.” “I plan to try more,” he denied.

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