Seo In-young suffered a lot of bad comments because of his fashion.

Introducing the hidden masterpieces of the girl group
Seo In-young appeared in the studio
Behind the scenes of hit songs

’20th Century Hit Song’ Episode 37 / Photo = Courtesy of KBS Joy

Singer Seo In-young looked back at the legendary girl groups in KBS Joy ’20th Century Hit Song’.

’20th Century Hit Song’, which aired on the 4th, recalled special memories by looking back at legendary girl groups’ masterpieces under the theme of’Ip Deokism, Girl Group Hidden Songs Hit-Tsong 10′. In particular, various girl groups, excluding regulars such as SES, Finkle, and Baby Vox, met with viewers and added meaning.

On this day,’Again’, the title track of Jewelry’s 2nd album, won the first place in ’20th Century Hit Song’. ‘Again’ is a song that made the name’Jewelry’ known in earnest with the members of Park Jung-ah, Lee Ji-hyun, Seo In-young, and Cho Min-ah.

In particular, Jewelry’s Seo In-young visited the studio of ’20th Century Hit Song’ and made his presence shine. Seo In-young, who is said to have been immersed in memories thanks to jewelry’s hit songs, performed the highlight medley of jewelry and gave a clap dance of’I love you’, a whisk dance of’Super Star’, and ET dance of’One More Time’.

I couldn’t miss the story behind Inyoung Seo’s. As a fashion trend setter such as bang hair and high waist, he also suffered bad comments because of this. Here, Psy added fun by revealing the hidden story of’Cinderella’, who revised Seo In-young as a model.

In addition to Jewelry’s’Again’, Diva’s’Yes’, Suga’s’Shine’, BB’s’Pin’, Shakra’s’Hey U’, Tuya’s’Look’, O-24’s’First Love’, and Titima’s’My Baby ‘, Circle’Sweetest Love’, Cleo’s’Good Time’ and other girl groups’ songs were introduced to remind me of memories.

Here, the story that the outdoor set of’Friendship Stage’ collapsed due to the’Original Military President’ Bibi, and the Diva, which won the Golden Disc Popular Singer Award by selling more than 200,000 copies with their first album despite the economic recession caused by the IMF, debut 20 In celebration of the anniversary, various episodes such as surprise videos prepared by the Japanese members of the circle enriched the ’20th Century Hit Song’.

‘Twentieth Century Hit Song’ airs every Friday at 8 pm.

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