Seo Joo-won resumes restaurant promotion after 4 months of dating doubt… The place my ex-wife Ah-geul gave a deposit

[스포츠조선 백지은 기자] Auto racer Seo Joo-won resumed promoting the restaurant after four months of suspected cheating.

Seo Joo-won recently started publicity by posting pictures of food sold at his restaurant.

Seo Joo-won is currently caught in suspicion of an affair. In January, his ex-wife and influencer Ah-geul revealed that Seo Joo-won had asked for a divorce and even applied for an excessive division of property despite normal affairs, such as getting blacked out with other women at a restaurant where he paid deposit .

In response, Seo Joo-won confronted that it was true that he had met another woman before the divorce, but that his marriage with Ah-geul had already collapsed due to a difference in personality. In addition, regarding the claim that he demanded 2.8 billion won for a property division, he explained, “It is right to proceed conservatively in the lawsuit, so the cost was high.”

However, after the revelations of both sides, a video of Seo Ju-win having sex with another woman at the restaurant in question was released, causing an uproar. Accordingly, Seo Joo-won publicity related to the restaurant was suspended, such as limiting the comment function.

Reporter Baek Ji-eun