‘Seo Jun Mom’ Park Se-mi “I’ve never been a member of a first birthday party, even the king of selling baby carriers”

New city fashion missi, enthusiastic mother

Sympathy and popularity with a small corner supporting role

Real laughs and millions of views

10 failures in public recruitment for broadcast comedians

Various part-time work experiences melt away the smoke

Comedian Park Semi. Provided by metacomedy

“From hosting a first birthday party to selling baby carriers at a baby fair and working part-time at Kidzania, there’s nothing I haven’t done. All that made ‘Seo Joon Mom’ now. Hasn’t Seo Joon-mom completely fainted? “

If you go to a new city with many apartments, there are mothers like this. A mother wearing a long one-piece dress that obviously looks comfortable, but with a narrow waist, and carries it on her shoulder so that she can easily receive a phone call at any time. Nails with nail art shine colorfully. The so called ‘New City Miss Fashion’. She tries to send her son to an English kindergarten with native speakers and claps loudly in the kindergarten talent show, but she turns around and is disappointed when she realizes that her child is not the main character. In the neighborhood, when I see an older sister I know driving, I roll down the window and wave hard. They seem to be close to each other, but they chatter together deliberately, like ‘You’ve finished your eyes (operation)’ and ‘We fought with this unnie and’ that unnie so we don’t speak to each other properly. now’. The voice is always ‘Salton’. Comedian Park Se-mi plays ‘Seo Jun-mom’. I met Park Semi recently at the metacomedy office in Hapjeong-dong, Seoul.

Park Se-mi’s YouTube channel In ’05 class here’, a program from ’05, she plays the role of Seo-joon’s mother, a young mother who lives in a new city. At the beginning of the series, ‘Seo Joon-mom’ appeared as the wife of ‘Bae Yong-nam’, who runs a meat restaurant. He charmed the subscribers with his talkative but blunt, realistic character that brought the fashion of young mothers these days. ‘Seo Jun-mom’ speaks lines that any child’s mother would have heard or said at least once. ‘Seo Jun-mom’, who used the details of wearing wrist guards, was sure to receive a lot of support from young mothers. Semi-Park’s influence has gradually increased, and he recently opened a personal channel called ‘Hello Semi’. He has already created big words like “tears, runny nose, fainting” and “constantly”.

The 20-minute conte video of ‘Seojun’s English Kindergarten School Art Meeting ASMR’, which includes the conversation between Seo-Jun’s mother and Seo-Jun’s father, who attended the English Kindergarten School Art Festival, was evaluated as surprisingly fun. Recording 1.4 million views, this video features a real conversation of a couple sitting in the back seat of a dark school performance with no background. “I told you to wear Burberry, so why are you wearing clothes that look like rags?” “For men, cars are important. Let’s change the car. We are the only carnival.” “(Waves his hand wildly) Mum’s here!” “Amy’s car is a Porsche. That kid lives in Prugio, but he’s just the landlord.” It depicts an invisible society where people greet each other on the outside, but draw a line and keep each other in check with their wealth. Comments were posted on this video, such as ‘It gives me goosebumps’, ‘I really relate to it, but the acting is so good that I fell 50,000 people down after seeing this acting’ , ‘There is no content that can fill 20 minutes with most of this talking about houses and cars’.

YouTube Creator ‘Seo Jun Mom’ Comedian Park Se-mi

‘Going to the Kindergarden’, which conveys the ‘war’-like situation of going to kindergarten in the morning from a child’s point of view, is also a representative video of ‘Seo Jun-mom’. There is ‘who married the old man in the new city?’ exceeded 3 million times.

Most of the videos filmed in , there are no scripts. Semi-Park just listens to the brief situation and immediately starts filming. “When I go to the mart, I worry about what the mothers will think first. Many new mothers are beginners because they are learning to drive in a hurry before and after giving birth. So when I have to intervene, I roll down the window and say to my husband, ‘Get a hand.'”

In fact, ‘Seo Joon-mam’ drawn by Park Se-mi is a character that can actually be identified as extreme. “Seo Joon-mam might look like ‘the truth’ in a way, but I’m walking a tightrope to act likeable. Even if it’s too kind, and if it’s too realistic, it’s not fun. Also, I’m not really raising kids, but I don’t want to talk about the harsh realities of parenting.”

There is still ‘class 05 here’ from the University of Physics YouTube channel. meta comedy

There are a number of part-time work experiences behind Park Semi’s ability to play the role of a ‘young mother’ so realistically. His family situation was not good. She worked tirelessly with no time to blame anyone, such as hosting a first birthday party, Kidzania (a theme park for children’s work experiences), a seller at a Baby Fair, and a part-time job in a cafe. Even in the world of part-time jobs, Park Semi-mi was different. Usually, males are preferred as hosts of first birthday parties. Se-mi Park was famous among mothers in the neighborhood as a host of first birthday parties by embracing mothers who were raising children. At Baby Fair, he won the title of ‘Sales King’ of a baby carrier, and at KidZania, he started as a part-time job and was promoted to manager. “When Baby Fair sold baby carriers, everyone surrounded me. Some people came and said, ‘Why is the host of the first birthday party here?’” Years of part-time job history led him to ‘Seo Jun Mom’.

YouTube star Park Semi does not have a ‘public recruitment title’. Since he was in his 20s, he has taken 10 comedian exams and failed 10 times. Recently, MBC When he appeared as a panelist on “,” he hesitated whether to introduce himself as a ‘comedian’ to Na-rae Park, a senior in the comedian world. Park Se-mi said, “It could be a qualification, but I wasn’t from public recruitment, so I didn’t win the title of ‘comedian’, so I was worried whether I should introduce myself as a YouTuber, but senior Park Na-rae approached me Firstly.”

“Only the day when the actors I worked with in the comedy theater passed and came to say hello was difficult, and the other days were fine. he believed me I didn’t stop working, thinking I would go in any direction even if I kept falling. Looking back, poverty and failure were all foundations.”

Park Semi-mi, who has been attending talent shows since she was young. Growing up hearing people around him say, ‘You’re going to be famous’, he has now become a real celebrity appearing on terrestrial television. He recently He also appeared in and unleashed his talents to his heart’s content. He wants to continue being a ‘funny celebrity’.

“I get joy when I see other people smiling at me. The unknown process is long, so I want to go steady rather than burn. If you go in a hurry, you will be overwhelmed. I’m so happy now. Please remember more about Park Semi in the future.”

Comedian Park Semi. Provided by metacomedy


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