Seo Jun-winner removed the first high school award Choi Dong – for ‘sex crime against a minor’

[스포츠한국 이정철 기자] Seo Jun-won (23), who is accused of sexual offenses with a minor, was stripped of the ‘Choi Dong High School Award he won’.

On the 27th, the Choi Dong-won Memorial Project Association said, “The board of directors and all members of the business association were very surprised by the judgment that Seo Jun-won’s actions were so serious and anti-humanitarian.” We have decided to revoke the Choi Dong Award.”

Seo Jun-won played an active role as an ace at Gyeongnam High School with a fastball that exceeded 150 km per hour. Eventually, in 2018, while attending Gyeongnam High School, she received the 1st High School Choi Dong Award and wore a Lotte uniform as the 2019 1st nomination.

Since then Seo Jun-won has been active on the professional stage as Lotte’s top pitching prospect. However, in August last year, he was charged without remand on charges of sexually exploiting children and adolescents by making him take and send body pictures of minors he met online.

It is said that Seo Jun-won did not inform the Lotte club about this fact while being investigated by the police and prosecutors. In the end, on the 23rd, after confirming that Seo Jun-won was charged with sex crimes against a minor, Lotte released Seo Jun-won.

Then, the Choi Dong Memorial Society-won Seo Jun-withdrawn the award. It was also decided to remove him from the list of past winners. On the other hand, Seo Jun-won recorded 15 wins, 23 losses and an average ERA of 5.56 in 123 games in the first team in his professional career.


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