Seo Jung-hee’s ‘breast cancer battle’ “Scheduled for reconstructive surgery after mastectomy…targeted treatment”

Photo = Screenshot of TV Chosun’s ‘Human Documentary I Decided to Live’ broadcast

The current situation of broadcaster Seo Jung-hee, who is battling breast cancer, has been revealed.

In the recently broadcast Chosun TV program, ‘Human Documentary I Decided to Live’, Seo Jung-hee appeared and spoke.

On this day, Seo Jung-hee said, “I overcome it these days. Overcoming it, going to the mountains and exercising, I say, ‘Leave cancer’” and she said, thanks to her mother, she was able to discover the feelings of the breast in the early stages.

Seo Jeong-hee said, “I went to the bathroom with my mother, and while taking a bath, my mother touched him and told me to go to the hospital immediately, so I hurriedly made an appointment and went. There I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer and had a biopsy.” “Even if the cancer is stage 1, there are good cancers and there are bad cancers, but I had bad cancer. He said he had no choice but to reveal the whole thing.”

In particular, Seo Jeong-hee said that she successfully completed the operation and is now facing reconstructive surgery. Yesterday, I also had targeted treatment on both sides of my hip. A heart test was also done. Next month, reconstructive surgery will be carried out on the site where the chest was resected.”

However, Seo Jung-hee said, “There are medicines to be taken for 5 years even after the targeted treatment is finished. I kept eating, but it caused swelling, so I couldn’t even clench my fist. I suffered a lot, but because of the swelling, people say I look good because I gained weight. But that’s boogie,” he said. I have that kind of confidence in me. I think we should hide and not be discouraged because we are sick. When I lie down in pain, it seems more painful, so I keep coming out.”

Kang Min-seon Online News Reporter [email protected]

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