Seo Ye-ji and Park Byeong-eun in the black painting Yoo Seon declare an affair Eve

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Seo Ye-ji declares to Yoo Seon that she is having an affair with Park Byeong-eun.

tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Eve’ is the most intense and fatal passionate melodrama revenge drama about a woman who risked her life for 13 years of design.

In the last episode, Irael (Seo Ye-ji) was convinced that Han So-ra (Yoo Seon) had murdered her mother Kim Jin-sook (Kim Jung-young), and completely revised her revenge plan to bring her down even more desperately. Rael provoked her by instilling in her So-ra her conviction about her husband Yoon-gyeom Kang (Byeong-eun Park) and her affair. In the end, Sora started a maddening path that led her to deliberately crash into the car of her affair partner, informed by her Rael, making her curious about the future development.

Meanwhile, on the 23rd, ‘Eve’ increased the tension by foretelling Rael’s declaration of an affair with Sora. In this regard, Rael in the published stills attracts attention with a completely different attitude, without showing any kind of skinnyness. Unlike usual, Rael’s visual, wearing a colorful hat and scarf, catches her attention, while her cold eyes, which do not feel warm, add to the cool tension.

Sora is shocked and enraged when she hears that Rael is an affair with her husband, Yoon Gyeom. The pulsing emotions are evident in her eyes, which are shimmering in flames. At this, Rael asks Sora why she reveals that she is her affair, and she is curious about her revenge plan.

The production team of ‘Eve’ said, “Today (23rd), Rael turns black by declaring to Sora an affair with Yoon Gyeom. This will change the game of revenge,” he said. “Rael, who started an all-out war with Sora for revenge, and Sora, who grows obsessive and mad, will be in a tight confrontation, which will make her hands sweat. Please watch,” he said.

Episode 8 of ‘Eve’ is broadcast today (23rd) at 10:30 PM.

By Tae Yuna, staff reporter for Tenasia

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