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/Photo=KBS2’s ‘Rooftop’s Troubled Son’ pre-release video

Singer Seo In-young of the group Jewelry revealed that she lives the life of a secretary after marriage.

In the pre-release video of KBS2’s entertainment program ‘Problematic Son in the Rooftop’, which was released before the main broadcast on the 25th, Seo In-young talked about her newlywed life with her husband after registering their marriage.

When Kim Jong-guk surprised the appearance of Seo In-young, who was about to get married in February, saying, “I have become a new bride,” said Seo In-young, “I went too. Oppa, please go see good (marriage) now.”

When Song Eun-i asked, “When did you get married?” In surprise, Seo In-young explained, “Now I’m going (married). We live together. I registered the marriage first.”

Regarding the change before and after marriage, Seo In-young said, “Since I got married, I come home faster. My husband comes home before 9 pm at the latest. So I have to prepare dinner by 5 pm …” Kim Sook and Jung Hyung-don said, “Seo In-young? What is Seo In-young? Do you wear it? “He suspected​​​​​​his ears.

In response, Seo In-young showed an emaciated appearance, saying, “Marriage is real.

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/Photo=KBS2’s ‘Rooftop’s Troubled Son’ pre-release video

At this time, Byul revealed that “Seo In-young is living the life of a secretary,” and Seo In-young admitted that “she has become a secretary.”

Seo In-young said of her newlywed life, “I deliver coffee and juice in the morning. My husband prepares underwear and clothes after taking a shower in the morning.”

Kim Jong-guk, who heard this, said, “Isn’t it enough to do it yourself? I have no hands, so I have no feet.”

In response, Seo In-young said, “My husband said he wouldn’t let me talk about his age, but he’s more of an older brother than an older brother.”

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/Photo=KBS2’s ‘Rooftop’s Troubled Son’ pre-release video

Seo In-young also remembered the time of the proposal.

When Song Eun-yi asked, “How did you propose? Did you do it first?” Seo In-young replied, “Shouldn’t I do it first?

He continued, “I accepted the proposal in the Han River. I usually went to the Han River a lot, and we continued to date in the car. One day, he said, ‘Let’s go to the Han River to eat ramen’, so I wore up and went out, but it was cold, so let’s go to a restaurant. When I went there, they prepared it in advance. As I walked, I saw that ‘PRIS ME’ was at the end of the road. written.”

She said, “I cried a bit. I was playing an ensemble,” and she said, “I know my husband is shy and can’t do things like this, but I’m grateful to think it worked.” hard for me.”

However, Seo In-young said, “But my husband didn’t say ‘will you marry me’ until the end,” expressing her husband’s frustrated side.

In response, Kim Sook wondered, “Then how did you deliver the ring?” Seo In-young opened the ring box and said, “‘Huh?’ he said,” and smiled.

In response, the MCs were surprised by asking, “Have you been living abroad for a long time?”, “Are you a jeweler?”, “Are you a foreigner, not a Korean?” Seo In-young explained, “My husband said he was ashamed of it from start to finish.”

Meanwhile, Seo In-young will hold a private wedding ceremony with a businessman on February 26 at a hotel in Namsan, Seoul.

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