Seok-Yeol Yoon 41% vs Jae-Myung Lee 36%… 42% Nak-Yeon Lee vs Nak-Yeon Lee 34%

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The results of a poll on the 11th showed that former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol outperformed Lee Jae-myung and Lee Nak-yeon in the virtual bilateral confrontation between the ruling and opposition presidential candidates.

Hangil Research, a polling company, commissioned ‘Cookie News’ to investigate the virtual bilateral confrontation of ‘Suk-Yeol Yoon vs. 3.1 percentage points), former President Yoon and Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myung were 41.7% and 36.3%, respectively. In the ‘Yun Seok-Yeol vs. Lee Nak-Yeon’ virtual bilateral confrontation, former President Yoon 42.1% and former Democratic Party leader Lee Nak-Yeon 34.1%.

On the other hand, in the bilateral confrontation between Choi Jae-hyeong, the former chairman of the Audit Committee and Governor Lee Jae-myung, the presidential contender for the People’s Power, 33.1% of former President Choi and 36.4% of Governor Lee were counted. In the ‘Choi Jae-hyeong vs. Lee Nak-yeon’ virtual bilateral match, 31.2% of former president Choi and 38.2% of former CEO were surveyed.

In the case of the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate approval rating, Lee took the top spot with 27.9%. It was followed by former President Lee 23.1%, former Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae 5.1%, Rep. Park Yong-jin 4.8%, former Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun 3.4%, and Rep. Kim Du-gwan 1.5%. However, ‘none’ was 30.4% and ‘don’t know/no response’ 3.8%.

The approval rating of the next presidential candidate for the People’s Power was 29.6% for former President Yoon. Next, Assemblyman Hong Jun-pyo with 13.3%, former Assemblyman Seung-min Yoo 10.0%, former President Choi Jae-hyeong 8.2%, former Jeju Governor Won Hee-ryong 4.6%, Assemblyman Ha Tae-kyung 2.1%, and Assemblyman Yoon Hee-suk 1.6% were followed in that order. ‘None’ 23.0%, ‘Other person’ 4.8%, ‘Don’t know/no response’ 2.8%.

For more information, please refer to the website of Hangil Research and the National Election Opinion Survey Deliberation Committee.

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