Seol Vival Park Na-rae X Hwang Bora X Kim Ji-min

At low tide, the MCs were astonished.

In the KBS Joy entertainment program’Ser Vival’, which aired on the 18th, a balance talk show was held with a special balancer comedian Heo Kyung-hwan showing off the chemistry of’reality best friend’.

On this day, in the low tide titled’Who is the lover who makes me turn away?’,’Boyfriend who is obsessed with me excessively’, Sull, amazed the MCs and viewers by ascending to the legend.

The storyteller started dating in the wake of her boyfriend’s active affection, and fell into the appearance of a boyfriend who remembers and presents all the little things. However, the obsession of boyfriends gradually began to emerge, such as not allowing male employees to speak to or even male doctors for treatment.

Eventually, the storyteller recommended psychiatric counseling to her boyfriend, and soon the obsession seemed to improve. The storyteller, who secretly visited the hospital with a surprise date due to such a boyfriend, was faced with a shocking scene. To another woman, “don’t laugh at other men, whether it’s a patient or anything,” she must see her boyfriend obsessed.

As soon as she saw this, Park Na-rae expressed her embarrassment, saying, “It’s not crazy,” and Hwang Bora and Kim Ji-min also laughed out loud and laughed. Soon, Bo-ra Hwang comforted the storyteller’s breakup, saying, “It’s really important to be mentally healthy.”

Special Balancer Heo Gyeong-hwan also expressed a firm opinion by saying, “I hate obsession. If I try to stick to it, I broke up” from the release of the title at low tide. Heo Gyeong-hwan, who couldn’t connect with the words after the end of the episode, showed a sincere advice, saying, “Do not make love that makes the speaker difficult,” and showed empathy with the story of the storyteller’s situation.

In addition, Heo Gyeong-hwan was struggling with the tailor-made question for a special balancer,’What if I have to go back to the past and give up one?’. Soon, he provoked laughter, saying, “I think I made a mistake because I was blinded by the growth of the company.” Soon, I was surprised by revealing the story of an employee who used a billion-unit star balloon with real company money.

On this day,’Sulvival’ is not only a legend, but a friend who likes me so much vs. a friend who likes me so much. Real tide of various themes that evoke sympathy and laughter, such as’boyfriend’, appeared.

‘Ser Vival’ is broadcast every Thursday night at 8:30 on KBS Joy.


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